A demon to help with Creativity and success

Hi Guys,

I’m looking for a demon to work with that can help strengthen my creativity.
I’m going to start school soon and I feel I need a Demon to help me with my creativity, focusing on school and for me to open up more to people and get good friends in school.
Any ideas?

Thank you.

King Paimon


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When it comes to all sorts of creativity matters Phenex might be of help


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Title/Type : NA
Sphere : Venus
Appearance : This spirit appears as a young man wearing a green robe that is
Roman in appearance, as it hangs over his shoulder. He has short blond hair
and green eyes and carries a harp made of horns.
Expertise/Tasks : Amsariah is an excellent spirit to summon if you are a musi-
cian or any other type of artist. This spirit can help you create masterpieces of
art in any medium you wish. He also knows how to make an herbal potion
that stimulates creativity. When asking him for this formula, however, be per-
sistent as Amsariah tests the determination of the magician who summons
him. The first formula he gives you for the potion may contain some herbs you
have never heard of. If this occurs, make him aware of your discovery of his
intentional error, and he will give you the correct formula.