A dark affinity

I know in grimoires,

Choronzon is written as triple C,
Chaos, C…, Cancer.

Now, my Grandmy died by cancer,
my aunt having it the same time,
and my mum currently got certified a breast cancer,
with having cirrhosis at the same time.

My mum is trying to push her sickness,
and my dad is super worried about it.

Now, don’t tell me to call on Ra-pha-el, or Marbas please.
I did.

I’ve actually used the forbidden mass-angel calling from E.A himself,
to even get her into hospital,
and have her treated at all.

I seek:

how i can make that cancer bombardement around me,
on my family,

yes, i’ am a Magy!

Yes, i know miracles and “impossible” are illlusions,
between manifestation,
and our perception.

Please, i’ll be grateful for any helpful advice.




As an extreme measure, you could evoke the spirit of the tumour that is inside the person in an astral temple (don’t evoke it into your home) and ask it what it seeks, then contrain it under names of the Most High (whatever that is to you) and force it to depart, or force it to reveal other information.

I cannot guarantee this will work but it’s a fusion of shamanic healing methods and evocation.


Sounds cool,
i may give it a go.

Of course, i could count on you. <3

Yaah, it’s somehow comming all at once.
My - also havily sick - dad, currently spends every day at my home,
blocking my ability to cast magick heavily.

Because, he actually knows how real spirits are.

He’s teached me some of what makes me who i am!





I have a reading to complete, but if you want I could ask around and see what I can find to help you out. I once healed a really ill close relative and brought them back by using runes. But again I can see what I can help you out - in the meantime hopefully others will be able to help you.


It really depends on how aggressive the cancer is what method would be best. I recommend looking into energy healing such as Qigong and other eastern methods. I know some good healing using elemental and colored energy but the specifics would depend on the case as some of it can be extremely rough on the body but would hopefully purge it in an emergency if it is very aggressive.
Do not use green energy however as that does seem to make cancer grow faster. I believe violet would be best but I will have to double check tonight. Orange is the color that would purge it fast and hard but as I said that can be very painful to do and it all depends on your skill in directly using and influencing the body with energy and the elements.


Something I wrote in regards to basic healing. The rainbow sphere is a good base to start at as you can make any color dominant and switch it rapidly to influence how you need just keep green inactive and let it find the color patterns that would work best to ease things. Pulses of energy focused on dissolving the tumors are also a good idea. I will look back at some of my resources tonight and tonight or tomorrow get back to you and more specific things you might be able to do.


My dad already returned from certain death,
teaching me much about imortality.

I fight against her Religious Dogma at the same time.

All your reseurch is highly apriciated.

I know i’m silly here.

But call on my Godform (sigil is my current profile pic, incense is 1third cardamom mixed with 2thirds clove.)
and ask for a wish.
What i can grant,
i will!

I’m stupidly desperate at this point.

It’s disgusting, to protect someone, you wanted to kill by your own hands for years.
But if the infernal empire demands that sacrifice from me here…

i have to take it as it is.

i’m protecting her from herself,
while she’s pushing herself to the bringe of death…



Alright so looking at it the best colors to use for cancer would be blue, light orange, and violet along of course with white vital energy. You always want to start with blue energy preferably derived from the water element and wash the through body grounding out any toxins into the earth I would recommend using a disposable crystal or bowl of earth you can later move to an area away from people. Then you have the option of light orange mixed with white or a bright purple violet energy you draw through the crown chakra.

Orange is derived from the fire element so avoid the brain or heart when using it and you would apply in pulses to any tumors and spots where the cancer energy is strongest and then ground it out and rinse with blue energy again. With violet saturate the area with a dark purple and then pulse a bright violet energy you gather until it breaks apart and then rinse and ground out with the water element. There is some recommendation to use green energy as well however I have heard enough accounts to the contrary and some experience that I am leery about whether it should be risked.

You should practice just gathering the energy individually in strong spheres and large amounts as well as with the rainbow sphere and tuning it to employ the different colors and vibrations of energy passively and actively.

In terms of runes if you want to use those a mix of Fehu, Laguz, and especially Uruz would be appropriate I feel to supply energy and form healing patterns along with supplementary runes like Sowillo or Tyr. The important thing is to kind of sync with the energy of the cancer and find the frequency it seems to give off and then disrupt that and dissolve it with the energy you transmit. It can be done remotely as well if you are good sending energy in that fashion or with projection.


@Lady_Eva this very similar to how I learned it. When I was being taught I was also taught that a “death energy” and “decay energy” exists that cause death and pain respectively. And through the manipulation of that energy you could remove it from those in pain and suffering from illness. I’ve done it successfully a few times, but have had very little opportunity to practice as the few people who would ask me for healing mostly wanted crystal or herbal healings. I haven’t really heard much of anyone else discuss this. And I’m attempting to find ways to use it in tandem with other types of magik and healing.

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@Lady_Eva , if that’s possible, then can’t OP try to negotiate? I mean, another way to give it what it wants in exchange of leave his mother/family alone. Just a question/idea.

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They could, and this is done by some traditional healers, however it just passes the buck along and leaves the first person or other being which cannot defend itself suffering, As healers, it’s better to find a dimension where the disease-causing entity can live out its life without causing further sickness and so on, and send it there.