A curse that will attack someone's ego

So I had a so called “friend” in my life who really knew how to play mind games with me. Any topic we would talk about. When he became aware that I felt a certain way about something. He would be the person to automatically argue in favour of the opposite. Always cutting me off. Never letting me finish a sentence. As soon as I be like “Oh now that you mention that there’s a couple things. First off th…” And he cuts me off yelling over me. That type of thing. Can’t let me speak. Just gotta walk all over me. Nick up here, Alias (me) down there. And he was also good at playing mind games with me constantly. Just fucking around with my mind in odd ways.

But anyway it’s whatever ego he had and whatever self importance he had which led him to disrespect me and put me down the way he did. And I am looking for a possible spell that is designed to have the spirits torture him on an egotistical level. At least the part of his ego that compelled him to disrespect me and walk all over me the way he did. That part of his self importance. If there is such a curse or spell that is designed to target that part of his self importance, that part of his ego, and torture him mentally on that level. Walk all over his self sense of identity. I’d really appreciate it if anybody knew of such a curse or spell.


It sounds like some kind of extroverted narcissist, in which case, the wort thing you can do is make it so that nobody likes him, nobody talks to him, nobody invites him anywhere, they ignore him and don’t give j=him the one thing he craves: attention, aka narcissistic supply.

So for that, combine a binding to he stops bothering you, and a curse to remove all attention,all friendships (they’ll be fake anyway if he’s a narc: people are objects to be used), make him always look worse and expose all his flaws for all to see.

You can also try a blessing, on all the people he knows, to reveal enemies, Leraye can help with that. Valac can expose betrayers. So people who wave off his nasty behaviour will see it for what it is. Andromalius can made a dishonest person reveal the truth.

Berith can hide flaws so that entity can reveal them as well. Usually if an entity can do a thing it can also do the reverse.


So, hear me out. I’m likely one of the more prolific cursers on this forum. Take all of your rage and indignation…of being upset and trodden on…stuff ALL of it into a candle…keep going until there is nothing left.

And offer it to Zagan. Ask that he take what he will and use the rest to transform that energy into something that benefits you, that gets you ahead, making progress to your goals. You can also ask to turn your enemy’s wine into water…

Then start learning magic and ow to use it to better yourself. They learn to use it to affect the reality you live in.

Once you’ve learned that, that jackass and his life is putty in your hands. You likely won’t care at that point, but if you do, then unleash.


You could just walk away and let that dude be him self.
Everyone is free to behave however they wish.
No need to change someone to the way you like them to be, people can be A holes if they wish until they will have to realize eventually and change them selves.
If he interrupts you again during a conversation then you just get up and leave, you are free as well to not put up with that behavior.

If you staying friends within someone is because you like them the way they are dont attack them just becuse they acting in way you dont like, just walk away and make a new friend and let that dude be acting freely the way he wants to express him self.
Everyone has the freewill
Attcks should only be made when you have to defend yourself for real like when you need to defend your life only.

May the love energy be with you :pray:

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What Mulberry said, but just be aware that this guy likely won’t lose everyone. I’ve known someone like this before and cursed him in a variety of ways. The curses all worked, but he didn’t lose absolutely everyone. That may have been for my own personal development (so I could keep cursing him more), and if you think about it, people are unlikely to be completely socially isolated forever.

So what you can do is curse him to lose his good relationships and keep the shitty ones. They may not always appear shitty on the outside, but if he does behave how you describe and you make it even worse with magick (I have achieved this with demonic magick), this toxicity will be present in every relationship he has.

People like this tend to find “minions” or vampiric thralls that are extremely weak and easy to enact malice upon for the sake of narcissistic pleasure. These thralls also seek out people to treat them like shit, so these people tend to find each other pretty easily. I am not making a value judgement here, moralizing or making “good and bad” claims. That is just what happens in the world. I’ve seen it many times. I’ve even seen the same thrall get used by multiple narcissistic individuals, although one was far and away the stronger, more emotionally secure, and more intelligent of the two, and also just overall more fun to be around.

So the thing with all this is the fewer people there are in his life, the fewer targets he will have to offload his hatred onto, meaning he will have to put more on the few relationships he has left. With the guy I mentioned before, he mostly offloaded onto me cause I started distancing myself after I realized what he is and he didn’t like that, and he put all the rest onto his thrall. If he didn’t have me to hate, it would have inevitably gone onto one of the few other relationships in his life.

What this means is that you have a choice (probably). You can either keep this person in your life and engage in psychological warfare, or you can dip. If they remain, then you’ll get probably most of their hatred. Even if you do literally nothing aggressive other than curse him and watch as he tries to assault you over and over again, he will probably keep himself going with his own hatred. Really he hates himself, so he has plenty to project onto you. If you dip, then it is more likely that he will ruin some other otherwise kinda reasonable-ish relationships (reasonable enough for toxic narcissist standards). Maybe that’s his best friend, maybe that’s his partner. If you take this route you’ll probably never find out unless you are in overlapping social circles, so keep that in mind if what you want is vengeance.

The first curse I used was The Master Curse in Magickal Attack, by the way (well my first ever curse was one of the lesser curses from the same book, but on the thrall, who at this point the narcissist had turned against me). Also, by the way, once you learn their playbook narcissists (in general) are some of if not the most predictable people on the planet. I mean it’s kind of funny. They all do like exactly the same things, and those things are abundantly obvious if you know their patterns. I once had someone try to gaslight me twice over the same exact thing after she kept doing it over and over again, and then she tried to make me think I was at fault.

They essentially try to strong-arm their lies onto you and make you question your own memory and judgement so they can impose their false version of reality onto you. This can work on people who don’t realize what is going on, but if you know that this person is a narcissist and that they are clearly throwing hate at you, probably for no reason of your own, then it’s probably the least subtle, most obvious and brutish manipulation tactic out there. It works against the noobs, but go up against someone who’s aware of the realities of hatred and human malice and it’s like putting an aggro punk up against a trained martial artist. The artist is the one who will decide how that situation plays out.

Just be aware that not only will the toxic narcissists try to make you feel that you are the problem, so will the weak people they tend to attract and keep around them. Really these sorts of narcs are weak as well, they are just more aggressive. If I had to pick I’d absolutely be the aggressive one. I can understand the need to enact hatred onto others for the sake of emotional healing, but with emotional maturation this becomes less and less of an issue. Now I only really indulge in sadism if someone comes at me first, and then only if there is something for me to gain. Otherwise, I deal with them coldly and get them the fuck out of my life as efficiently and effectively as is possible because such pathetic people are not worth it. There is no satisfaction to be gained in beating up an insect that cannot even see you.


Woo, that’s great! Thank you for sharing!

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Good point. It‘s insane how much dedication this path takes. most problems and people will look small and insignificant once mastery of one‘s reality is reached.


so right!!

I was dealing with an individual with similar traits and behaviors as you described, I know for a fact it can be extremely exhausting and taxing on the energy of the one who’s on the receiving end

My solution was simple: I also had some help from those who were more experienced than me at the time

I had a ritual with King Belial, petitioned him to remove that individual out of my life and block all pathways that would lead them back to my life ever again, to put in place greater boundaries between that individual and myself and the harder they try to break and infiltrate the boundaries, the more firm the boundaries get and the further away they are pushed from me and my energy

I also called another entity, and petitioned her (can’t recall the name as of now) to cut all ties I have had with that person, destroy all bonds and remove out of existence any fated re-union I would have with such individual in any other lifetime or reincarnation

I also conducted some other operations aiming at revealing who that person to everyone they cross path with, exposing their toxicity like a sore thumb to whomever they encounter and I called back all my energy which that individual was benefiting from

Last Time I checked though, everything was lost - friends (so called) had walked away, job (position) was lost and whatever status that individual was held by those when I was around them no longer existed

And I am not even done with that MF yet!

Even though it’s been a few years. Every now and then some brilliant ideas cross my mind regarding how to go after that person DEATH REALLY IS NOT AN OPTION FOR THAT WOULD BE TOO EASY

For something like that, if revenge is what you want, take your time. Turn it into a project and have fun with it :sunglasses:

Only you know which course of actions are appropriate for your particular situation

With that said, King Belial is a great point of start for that matter for setting firm boundaries and keep that person out of your life for ever until the end of time

Why not just walk away and break up with him? I really don’t get this idea that we shall chase people who don’t want us or make them change. If a person disrespect you then you walk away. There is a lot of spirits that can help you. Belial is known to liberate yourself from situations or bad habits.

Well, Alias is hurt and wants to bring some justice to the table, and basically that’s the reason for being of every witch. That, and the will to change the reality of things. If someone hurts you or the people you love, will you just walk away? Do you leave your own home when someone unpleasant enters it?

Do you mind sharing more on this?

Well, to call back my energy from that individual, I performed a ritual, not to any entity in particular rather called upon the forces of darkness and directed them to return to me everything that individual had received because of my presence in their life and to bring me back my energetic forces from them

To expose their nature, I called upon Lucifer and simply expressed my desires that I want the truth about this person to be exposed and that an eternal light is shed and placed upon the truth revealing who that person truly is, breaking through the illusions they’re putting forth