A Court of Servitors

My grandfather gave me some sage advice that has proven true over and over again. He told me that a man will never have more TRUE friends than he can count on one hand.

In the case of creating what I refer to as “A Court of Servitors”, I find that I could find 8 quite useful for the areas of my life that need attention from these type entities, creating a retinue or court of servitors that could serve me. I am putting out to the forum a question: Has anyone had experience with having multiple servitors at such a number of or even more at any given time?

On the surface it would initially seem an excessive number, but after doing some hard thinking and meditation on the things I would have them attend to, the number seems right. Some would be long lived, others would have a single purpose and after that, they would be terminated.

I’m looking for some advice as to whether 8 servitors created within a single day to be sent out to accomplish their purpose, and like I said, some would have long lives, other’s, not so much. Thoughts?


I think they can, if you give them enough training,knowledge,intelligence. Also give them enough power/feeding source. Then possibly you could.


It’s possible and it works, usually best to write them out like a character sheet for each one to keep track of as well.



I have also been thinking of creating a few servitors. I plan to have them feed on the energy of my enemies to have them accomplish the task I want them to fulfill.


Thanks for the reply… I am going to spend the day tomorrow writing out their characters and include all the information I have learned from my readings on servitors. I will continue to post on this and we’ll see how it progresses. Stay tuned my friend!!!


That is an interesting twist… it might be very useful. Thank you for your reply!!

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I have 4 in my room at all times I have 1 that is shared between me and a very close friend a Wolfpack & one who stays with me at all times so yeah I do my best to keep track of all of them I set specific times during the weeks to let them feed

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That’s very useful insight! Thanks for the reply!! Stay tuned!!


I think there are several books about making them but also very good information on here, best of luck to you :grin:

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Hey thanks for the vote of confidence! Check out my blog if you want to… I’m doing my best to get all my content connected. Pointers are welcome as well. Peace to you my friend!!

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I currently have two servitor familiars. I find spending at least a day or two on building them up gives them more definition and solidity in one’s mind.

If you are going to create a retinue of servitors, I recommend against creating them all in one go, because you will deplete your energies and the last to be created will not be as solid in your mind as the first.

Give them the all the same amount of effort and care in their birth, and they will be solid, definite, and at your beck and call. There’s no reason why you couldn’t take a week to create your eight servitors. The extra time will do nothing but help.


I have 6 permanent servitors for various tasks. I also create temporary ones to do things that I simply don’t want to call a spirit for… or can’t call a spirit for, for whatever reason. I once knew a sorcerer who had almost one hundred permanent servitors. One of them was a “mastermind” servitor, who held authority over all the others. He only had to give energy to the mastermind, and the mastermind would doll it out among all the others. He didn’t believe in working with spirits that weren’t his creations. … Nor did he believe in protection magick. He was one of those that thought if he just remained positive, nothing could touch him… He was killed by a spirit last year. many people witnessed it. Threw him five feet, right to the top of a stairwell.
So if you decide to make a personal army, make sure some of them are for protection! PLEASE!

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