A conversation with an entity

Hello everybody,
Today I want to post a conversation I had a couple hours ago with some entities, they said they are intermediaries of Prince Sitri. All these voices came into my mind but it was interesting. It was my first time hearing someone in my mind. Now I have OCD but I can control it and I know when it’s the mental disorder or when the voices are different.

Let’s get started.

Note: I was working with Sitri Sigil in my left hand as In sigil magick, i opened the sigil already… then a voice popped up in my mind.

Me: can you help me with my request ?
Entity: Prince Sitri says yes.
Me: With who I’m talking to ?
Entity: We are intermediares.
Me: Just perceived it would be someone higher than them.
Me: Father Satan?

Then this entity identifies itself as Father Satan.

Then there were a lot of conversation that I don’t remember but the entity called me cool it says they are 4-5 and they are using the Zepar Energy to do my request in 3-4 days.

That’s all I remember, thanks for reading!
And if you could let me know what happened I would be happy :smiley:.


I do remember just now some Other things,

Me: what I can offer to you ?
Entity: put the wet bread on the altar
Me: wet bread ?
Entity: if I didn’t want it I wouldn’t ask you for it.

When I said the entity identifies itself as Father Satan then the sound of the voice changed.


I’m iffy about this. You asked for Sitri, you got something else - which on the one hand was at least honest about not being Sitri, but on the other is dicking you about, being quite rude and its obviously lying about being Satan.

I vote lesser entity, not worth your time and definitely not to be trusted. Banish and try again.


I second this… but find it cute they wanted wet bread somehow.

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Yes I agree with you, thanks anyway for the answer. Indeed I stated the word Entity because I didn’t know what happened.

Always askna Spirit for their name and/or Sigil. They cannot forge these.

You’re better off performing a Banishing like the others said above.

Also if your Heart doesn’t say it’s a Spirit, listen to it.

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