A Confession

I have a confession to make please dont hate me for this but i always compare myself to others and always get compitive or jelaous over them. Like i have always been compared to others by my own family all my life and on top of that i was always an loner wherever i go. Like no matter how hard i try to keep myself happy and motivated and get over this bad habits of mine. It hurts alot to see that no matter how hard i try,I’ll never get there.
Im so sorry for ranting like this and so sorry to bother everyone with my rant. I just had to write it out


Comparing yourself to others is not always a bad thing, as it can motivate you, and a little bit competition is sometimes helpful. But it should not get to the point where it makes you want to give up, because you think everyone else is better than you anyway.
I don’t really see where this is a confession or a rant.


Yeah people had to get where they were. You do too. It’s a fun path, enjoy it.

Normal to be like this in the beginning


Remember this: you don’t always have to be on top. You don’t need to be on top to know you’re worth it.
People should love you for who you are but you should work on being the best version of yourself as well.

I compare myself to others from time to time but not in a jealous way. Sometimes in your life you will stumble upon some really inspiring people. I look at these humans and think “Wow. This person inspires me to be a better person.” and I try to take on their qualities. Bit by bit you can become a wonderful, strong person and still retain you personality.
Strive to be a better person overall, for your own satisfaction, not to prove to the world that you are better than everyone else.


I just thought i had to say sorry as i have been through experinces where people dont like ranting or negtative topics like this and its something that i have been struggling with all my life. Its not that i try. I try alot but sometimes instead of me getting chances all i got was hate or nothing and tbh because ive been through this alot i know the pain.


thank you for understanding because i do try really hard and im not the lazy person i was before but it hurts when i dont get the same experience as others who are powerful or already had spirits to guide them even at their birth. I always feel like i get ignored alot even when i do try to talk with others.


im trying nowadays but sometimes its diffuclt when the reality of truth where i dont get enough support even from my own loved ones hurts me cause even tho i say im awesome in my own way and work for it the reality shows me otherwise when i keep getting ignored for my hard works even tho its not much. Some people dont even have to try and they have it all so looking at that sometimes those negitative feelings are from the pain and hurt ive been through cause i have lost alot and tbh i became better from those pain and learned from it but to see that others can get to sucess while as im still in pain really hurts.


You’ll find your way. The only thing in your way really, is allowance. Allow it. Hate not those you envy. Bless them, and their success, and it will be upon you


never compare yourself to others. be yourself that is what matters


i do want the best of others. Im not evil like that all this feelings are only from hurt but ill try to get better.

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I got to where I am and still progressing because I kept comparing myself to many of my friends and associates because they could do things I couldn’t one friend who ended up having a mentor who could possess animals as long as they were around the people he wanted to ‘check in on’ in such detail, another who could look at you and tell you what your soul is, the binds on it if any, among other things.

All of which made me jealous af lol but I used that to push me to being able to do what I know how to do now, it’s not exactly what they know how to do but it’s what I know how to do.


When you compare yourself to others are you comparing yourself to others materially? Spiritually? Success wise?
With that said, if you’re worried about material things, the best thing you can do is try to avoid envy and wanting things that others have that you don’t have. What’s really important is that you have everything that you need. Your desires for material things will come with your spiritual growth. Although this isn’t the goal of spiritual growth, the material will just come with it as an added bonus.
Hang in there and don’t give up.
I sent this video to someone else here but I hope that you might find it useful as well:


Well thanks for the advice

I don’t need material and you might know it very well but still thanks for the advice

My bad. I was just asking. The original post just seemed a bit vague so I wasn’t sure what you were referring to.

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It’s ok. :slight_smile: i know you didnt mean to

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It’s normal to be honest. The fact that you’re not trying to suppress it is good and shows that you’re not afraid of your emotions. Competition is good because it can push us to be better. Jealousy well sometimes it’s aspects of our shadow.

This sucks I know. You must realize that their comparisons regarding you could also indicate a lack of confidence in themselves. As for been a loner well if you don’t wanna be one anymore then you gonna have to make some friends.

When it comes to some people, we will never be on their level due to many factors but this doesn’t mean we have to not strive for success to the best of our abilities. Think about everything you wanna achieve and try and see how you’ll get there.

Nah don’t be. It’s normal and it’s healthy to get it out. I’ve noticed that this forum also acts as a safe space where we can vent out frustrations out provided they’re related to Magick or at the very least self development. Stay strong :muscle:t3:

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You’re perfectly perfect where you are now!


You, yourself, are magical.


Aww i love you hugs thank you