A cleansing bath and more questions

Yesterday was an odd day for myself. I had this thought yesterday morning out of nowhere saying “exorcism” At first I just thought it was a random thought.
Then later on I went onto a chat group that I had not been on in a very very long time. How long? A year. This one person who was new messaged me and said they felt the need to let me know that something is blocking me from achieving my goals like a curse of sorts. Well just before they messaged me I had a vision of this entity that was grey in color, no hair, bird like wings and a form that kinda reminds me of something you see from a movie. Where it’s a humanoid form but is walking mostly on all fours.
After a discussion to this person without revealing what Iv seen before I even talked to them, I decided to try and rid of it myself.
You see I took a break from everything as life was getting a bit hard for me. I needed a break to focus on my healing and just me. But as of late I once again been drawn back. When this happened I basically was reminded one of the main reasons why I even walked this path. To do things myself. How I was tired of relying on others even for the simplest of things.
So with this I had a thought to try and look up what I could do about my situation. I was led to do a bath. I have this salt mixture I had gotten that is sea salt, rose oil and rose petals. But I felt the need to add more. I looked up a post on here by Kendall about cleansing baths.

I don’t have everything so I got what I could. I also was guided to add a few things to it.
I took my motar and pestle and ground up the ingredients.
As I did this I visualized and asked the spirits for help. I felt energy coming from this mixture that I have not felt for a good amount of time. I got to the bathroom drew my bath and added it. As I stirred it I felt this huge amount of energy from it and that’s when I felt I was not alone.
I felt Azazel there with me and I knew then he was guiding me. I took off my clothing and got in. At first it felt amazing. I felt tingly and the water felt amazing. The aroma was warm and woodsy and it just brought a sense of happiness to me.
But not to long latter I felt this sudden rush of an emotion that confused me. The sudden need to leap out of the tub and out of the water. Someone or something was not happy I was in the water. I used my Will to stay and I told in my head:
“This is my body my will. This is my life my kingdom. This is my existence my rule. I shall not bow to you nor allow you to rule me. In the names of which I speak (spoke different gate keepers names and kings) I remove you from me!”
It was really odd to have this experience. Then after a good bit, I felt like they stoped. There was no more fighting. But I felt tired.
I got out and I noticed I felt heavy. I felt energy coming up from my feet through my body but I felt heavy. I dried off and came back to my room. I was guided to ground so I did my best on it.

Today I just feel tired. Like no reason tired. I have an appetite and feel ok. Just tired. So I was wondering did I need to do something els or should I have added something els to the mixture or to much of something?

What I had in the mixture is:

The sea salt mix
Star of Anise

Any type of guidance is definitely welcome. I will do a banishment tonight in case there is any left over energy.

Also to add, yesterday when I got out of the tub I did notice how “dirty” the water looked and when I drained the water and clean out the tub of debris I noticed how much cleaner it looked. So this is why I am a bit confused.

Today besides feeling tired, not drained just tired, is well good. I don’t feel heavy but I do feel something on my upper back like where my shoulders are and slightly in between them too. It’s not painful just feels like something is there.