A calling from Samael? (Long post)

Hello everyone, this is quite a long story but i will try to summarize it:

1 or 2 years ago:

I had 3 episodes about walking in the street and seing in my mind a “death like” figure behind me, putting his scyte in front of my neck and laughing about that, i mantained myself quiet but a bit tense, wondering if my life was threatened by some inevitable ailment.

After those episodes (all of them equals) things were quiet for a lot of time and i didnt get any deadly disease.

I dont have any great psychic perception yet (i am working on that) and for good or ill, i have developed a mind with very little thougts, so my slate is clean most of the time and i dont find difficult to concentrate in something if i am motivated enough.

One week ago: I completed my process of stop being fearfull of my own spiritual development (things like “i am too young to try to achieve illumination” (i am 24) or “i will lose contact with the material world which i need to success”).

After that i found this forum, interested in soul travel, energy development and theurgy…Then i had the idea to google who was my guardian angel and archangel depending on my zodiac sign, I am an :aries: so i found Angel Malchedael (which was strange because he represented the virtues i have been cultivating trough my short life) and Archangel Samael, known for being an Archangel of DEATH and destruction and “The poison of god” it sounded cool but i kept reading and concluded that this spirit is not very friendly for a noob to invoke/evoke.

However, the signs continued, i remembered my experience with the misterious “death like figure”, one day after i knew Samael existence, a chapter of Law and Order S.V.U portrayed a homeless man with porfhyria who believed himself to be…Yes , SAMAEL (i think the chapter is called “control”).

Yesterday, the name of Samael resonated inside the usual void of my mind and i spontaneusly visualized while i was listening music (new god of war intro) how a tall black figure with wings was “fusing” with me and lending me its power (i felt very powerfull in the middle of my office job, weird enough)

Today i feel very relaxed (i practice a buddist meditation that help me being like that), but my answers to people and face are “martial”, i mean rough , and my troath feels constantly dry no matter how much water i drink (plus i am wearing red)…And Samael is an spirit of mars…

My questions are:

Is this only a coincidence?

If i am being contacted,Why such a baddass archangel would want something with a noob like me?

Thank everyone for reading and helping me solve this riddle.


Why would you trust Dr.Google more then your personal exerience? Do you feel that archangel Michael is the right one for you?

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That is quite a smart advice, i guess i dont know more reliable sources because of my noobness (?), can you recommend me something more aproppiate? :grin:. I have not researched Michael, and recurring to Dr.Google is not an option anymore i guess…I am unsure of my experience because i recognize my lack of knowledge on this topic and i could be wrong.

Thanks for helping.

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I work with Samael, and knowing his nature all I can say it’s a very good thing having him on your side. I stared working with him and other demons more or less after having similar experiences as you did. I was well accepted and it changed my life, even I’ve never planned to work with demons.


That conclusion was made reading testimonies of people who worked with Samael in this forum (except the “poison of god” part, which i didnt take too seriously as the rest of christian lore) , and regarded him as a difficult spirit to work for noobs…But that might be not be true for me in particular. :scream:


It doesn’t look like a coincidence to me.
I guess you are not truely aware of your potentials. Calling yourself a noob doesn’t sound like something that comes from you. It’s more something like a social conditioning.

Now that you mention it, i tend to clasify my current lack of psychic perception as “noobness”, I guess that people who can interact with spirits in a more direct way (like seeing them or hear them) is more advanced than me in that matter…Is that attitude not true?

Thanks dude, you are really helping me.out with this.

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Samael is one of the main Qliphotic forces. You can also start with some reading about demonolatry in general.

I hope it helps a little.
Good luck on your journey!

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Many magicians develope one or another way of interactions with spirits. Don’t let that stops you, you can find your way.

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Don’t trust samael ever man he is the embodiment of death and that’s how I knew I was followed by him I started collecting infos through the dreams and found out it was him I believe I know why he is after you because about four years ago I was a part of the Astral war where he was sealed for good in the war there were witches, gods and other beings but he was sealed by six witches using the hexagram of David each representing a point and with the spell they created a sealing talisman that was strong enough to hold him back. After that he kept coming and going in Astral form but he can’t break out of the seal if anyone is reading this and can relate please tell

So, what is your theory on this matter?, i am unable to perform astral travel for now, so i dont understand. As @DavidSmith said, i will probably resort to Michael, because magick related to qliphot forces is not my original aim, and it does not resonate with my heart and soul at all, i have been reading people experiences with demons and i have noticed (someone correct me if i am wrong) that they tend to fuck with other people lives to give you what you ask them, and i dont want to provoke that effect in others to reach my goals.


Contrary to popular belief, your zodiac sign doesn’t determine your guardian angel or demon.

Samael (or Kamael, as I call him as that’s the name he introduced himself with) is my guardian angel but I’m a Cancer, not an Aries.

However, that doesn’t mean he’s not your guardian angel. Really, you’d have to ask him about that.

He (as Kamael) also presides over war, karma and strength.

Yeah, he can be pretty intense; definitely not someone you want to fuck with. But if he likes you, he’s a bit more relaxed.

I’d say if he’s interested in you though, that’s a good sign.

Doesn’t sound like a coincidence to me. It’s not unusual for any spirit to take an interest in people, regardless of if they’re “noobs” or not. My advice would be to contact him and see what he wants.

Sometimes, people are unsure of what exactly happened to them and why. Hence, Google.

…Maybe I’m just being a bit protective (and I understand that some people may not have positive experiences with every spirit), but how does being the embodiment of death make him untrustworthy? Death is a natural process, everyone goes through it as some point.

I admit, I’m not an expert in the Astral Plane, but… what war? Why was he sealed away? And if he’s still able to roam around the Astral Plane, then is he even sealed to begin with?

You don’t need to work with Qliphot to work with Kamael/Samael.

Actually, a lot of people have gotten what they’ve wanted from demons with no repercussions. If you search the forum, you’ll find a lot of success stories with demons.

However, I have heard some stories about Bune killing family members and burning down homes because the magician said they wanted a lot of money, but didn’t specify the means of getting it.


My theory is you are chosen for something big

As for you prophet it’s not that he is untrustworthy because he is the embodiment of death, it’s of who he truly is and what he can do and yes he is sealed because his powers are not the same as before now and just because he can Astral travel doesn’t mean he is unsealed that’s the only way to travel this period he can’t truly travel like he used to the seal was powerful enough to keep him locked there as for him being your guardian well are you familiar with the demon princess he is friends with the one that has short hair and a very wicked smile

@Prophet we would resonate well, i am Cancer ascendant and lunar sign hehe …I am not okay with fucking with people lives or disturb others karma in a negative way to get what i want… That is the root of my desire to work with angels and my doubts about working with other kinds of spirits, because i asume they will refuse(the angels) if my petition generate major disturbances in others, free will is most sacred to me…

But as i said, i am not getting into it until my perception is high, and i become able to astral travel.

Thanks for listening to me guys.

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Which is…?

I’m aware that angels and demons get along, yes.

Which Prince are you referring to (as in what’s their name)? Demons and other spirits can take a variety of forms, so you’re going to have to be more specific.

I respect that. You do you, my dude.

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@Prophet it’s a princess I said not a prince do you think I won’t know if it’s a prince assuming a female form -_- man I know what I’m talking about it’s a demon princess, short of height in her original form, has power over water, she is followed by many servants. As for the name no clue but they are friends and work together from time to time if he is your guardian I’m sure she came with him at least once

Oh, my bad! I misread. xD

After doing some research, I couldn’t find any reliable information on demon princesses, but I know that one of my guardian’s chief consorts is Lilith, who is associated with water. However, Lilith is a queen, not a princess.

As for me, I’ve never met her. Kamael has always approached me by himself and has never mentioned her in our conversations.

He is a bit of a jerk, when your first start working with him, but I got used to him and I guess he to me. Great to have him have your back.

what secrecy or seal of Samael? I found this on the internet: NovSam

that’s right?

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