A call to arms

Seems that since friends with benefits ended no one has been helping out the newbies. Basically if you’re interested in doing whatever you can for a random goal or feel that your goal is worthy to be posted then comment on this post. Anything from love spells to death curses… I will post a schedule thread after I figure out when to start working on which goals… I definitely urge you to join

I definitly encourage new members to take part in this. My involvement in the last round of friends with benefits and a commitment to evoking for every task really kicked my practice into gear. Don’t think that because you are new its out of your league, whether its candle magic or full on evocation you will learn so much by being involved.

May I suggest limiting this to groups of 10 people per month? Doing 12 workings for other people on top of my own stuff was extremely tiring and I noticed many people started to fall behind last time. If there is a lot of interest maybe multiple group of 10? with the option of people crossing over if they are ambitious?

I’m definitely down for this, I’ll have to find an appropriate goal though

Yea let’s do 10 to be safe. Anyone can help out, even of all you can do is simple candle spells or sigil charging… as I said earlier if you feel like you are worthy to have your goal worked on you can post it on here or inbox me. I’ve actually got a goal I need done so therefore 9 more are still open

I developed a pretty good system for organizing the last one. I recommend making use of it if you’d like. I had a few things behind the scenes as well, such as a spreadsheet and a few other tools. Let me know if you want any help in regard to logistics.

I suppose I would like to get in on this, I don’t know what I’ll ask for yet, but I will soon be getting a new entity that I will be wanting to test out on some stuff. So this should be a good opportunity for him to stretch his legs.

How exactly is this organized? Are we simply putting forth a sort of coop, where we post our goals, and everyone works towards the goals posted by group members? Is that what this is?

If welcome, I will join…I did the first FWB and kept up with each request on schedule…

Redcircle definitely want your aid on this if you’re up to it

I’d like to join up, I’ve been waiting for a new Friends with Benefits thread to pop up. I have a goal allready in mind and could use all the help I can get. I am more than willing to work on others behalf. I enjoy helping others out and exercising my magickal muscles. Whatever they need benevolent or malevolent it’s all the same to me.

Just as a note to those that might be interested in this, and might not have already known about it. I didn’t participate in the prior runs, but I did view and follow postings about it. See in the MakingMoneySpells section (on main forum page- lower down in “Forbidden Spellcasting” section.

is one and a few other FWB (friends w benefits) II, etc…

I’d read through those posts in that section, and perhaps other threads, as in random remarks every now and then some good info will be “seeded in”

anyway- - just in regards to more info on how this was run in the past for new people who might want to join… (for those organizing, if a better pointer of how-who…) luck

http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/money-spells/friends-with-benefits-ii-the-revenge/ a later run (most recent? not sure- but might be latest-and-greatest in terms of how it is organizing, participation, etc.)

Ok, read it, and I’m definitely down, and I know exactly what to needs to get done.

Count me on! I want to practice sigil charging!

Since complete works is near to arrive and i will be finishing my vodun altar consacreting in some days, its time to put all in pratice.

Im up to it.

I will most likely be doing the organizing again this time around, so be looking for the new thread soon. Those of you who want in should private message me the working you want done on your behalf. I will then work with you if it needs any modification - the end goal of the modification that it is a concise goal which is a good target for evocation. If you want examples of what we settled on for others, look at the FWB II threads when writing yours up.

Remember - it’s not that the goals can’t be powerful requests, they just have to be relatively simple. If you have a 50 part Machiavellian scheme to become the king of Michigan, that would be too complex for a single ritual.

Super new to things but definitely interested.

Ok, new thread is up:


well count me in,i wanna test my skills

Go to the new thread linked above, sign up. :slight_smile:

well count me in,i wanna practice sigil charging!

Go to the new thread, and send me a message with your requests. :slight_smile: