A call to arms

Dantresh and asuly: I still haven’t heard anything from either of you. If you want in, I need to know quite soon.

About to start a big working of my own within a week or two, but once done I’m all in to help others if I can. Probably later this summer I will be done with my current project and can jump in the mix. Let me know.

I would like help if you guys are willing to revive this? I think I did E-Necromancy by reviving this thread!

I’m down.

Awesome. So what I see so far, it is guys helping newbies out with a specific goal. Would I just say the goal here, or pm someone?

It might be a good idea to make a new topic about it like before

Should I start it and just copy paste what he said?

If you’re starting it, it falls to you to organise it. Read through the other threads, get for a feel for how it works and go from there.

Remember, this is quite a thing to keep on top of, be sure you’re ready for this workload.

Ok. Finally! My first task in the forum! Of course I’d be one of the newbies you guys would be helping as well as me helping others! Yay!

I look forward to this.

Depending on circumstances in the next month count me in.

I look forward to this.[/quote]
In this case i will keep this in “view mode” to learn new things…

I am willing to participate as well.

Awesome. I think I will open up the thread either tonight or first thing in the morning tomorrow.

Who do we contact for jelp?

Come to the new one I created here: http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/money-spells/friends-with-benefits-iv-son-of-friends-with-benefits/