A bit confused...crazy or cursed?

i need to know how can you tell if a person is treating you abusively mentally and physically is doind that becouse of a curse or just because she’s mentally ill?
how to know by signs?
would really appreciate the help couse the abusive person is my mother…
i thought she was cursed couse a spiritual advisor said so but shes acting like a really bitch ungratefull cursing and screaming like a lunatic and when she get what she wants its all gone…and she dosnt eveb apologizing after that for all the horrible things she say abd do…dont know what to think…:pensive:

The answer is going to vary, and if she’s always been that way, it simply could be who she is. I have several books that cover the potential signs, and the major issue is- there isn’t a big difference between the signs of being possessed, cursed or simply a bad person, unless it’s been a sudden change. I found this post in the search bar that list many of the typical things for you to glance over.

Something I’ve noted though, is a few of the books say to take action if you even simply suspect it- because you thinking there might be a curse can certainly generate one, so if you take actions against it regardless of being sure, you can at least have the piece of mind knowing you have stopped it, if it is a curse.


thank you keteriya!!!
4,7,9 to 13 are accurate!!!
but she doesn’t have the others…

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She might be bipolar. My daughter is bipolar it sounds alot like her. Just the word ‘no’ can throw her into a rage. Ive had stuff thrown at me, been kicked at, screamed at, told she hates me. And on and on… And all you can do is ride it out. Sometimes medication helps. But I never wanted her to just stay drugged up. Therapy helped but the problem was everytime she found one she liked they quit or moved.

And yes at times I thought she was possessed or something. But it’s really a disorder. I feel she got from her fathers side.


some people never learn people skills or they were brought up like that due to life’s harsh circumstances. you might have to do a log history to figure out if it’s her or life trouble’s influence. If she’s not willing to work on self improvement then it might be issues there. Most normal people want to improve even if they have a hard life. They just need guidiance.

Ungrateful and/or unfulfilled no matter what anyone does is one of the common signs of narcissism