99.99% sure someone tried putting a death curse on me

Basically some while back i found animal blood in my yard which was a red flag for obvious reasons. (And i may or may not have mentioned that fact on here during that time.)
Although its only been the past week that any of my dreams even mentioned a curse. Since the mention of it I’ve been experiencing night terrors at random intervals all with the same basic description: They’ve all mentioned they want me dead outright.
I get the inclination the person who has cursed me simply isn’t strong enough to make it fatal so thats as far as its gotten. Though its been enough to get my attention.
Today i cleansed my room and put up a barrier to see if it will help any.

Does anyone have some tips for me?

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You already recognised unwanted energy and are disallowing it to affect you. Curses need either your ignorance of them or belief in them to work. You refuse permission for it to work, give it zero credit, which you’re doing already. You cleaned the grotty energy out and unusually these are one off, not sustained barrages, so you’re good.

So from here you can ignore that happened, send the curse back to the caster, ignore it and send a different curse back, do a binding to make sure they don’t do that again, send a blessing that clears negative energy between you, send influence so they like you and send good energy your way. Depends how you feel really. :slight_smile:


Yeah I don’t think I’ve learned how to send existing ones back.

It’s very easy, try this hand gesture: make the metal horns, :metal: and push them, palm up away from you with your dominant hand, while breathing out, and intending that the energy be pushed away from you and back to the sender. Say something meaningful at the same time like “As I will it, so it is”.

That’s not an occult sign for nothing :smiley: