72 Angels of magick Damon Brand experiences

Judging from your posts, I think you’ll be fine. You’ll make minor “mistakes” all the time in ritual, and this is fine. That’s why it’s called a practice - you will improve over time. If you’re more worried about the psalms than the ritual process, then you really have no cause for concern. Get it close enough and you’ll be fine, especially because the written Hebrew’s already in the sigil.

Also, if you feel called to Poiel then go ahead and work with the angel, but from what I know of that particular spirit, it is best called upon when you are near a breakthrough. If that is the case with you, then by all means, go ahead. If you are just starting out on your journey, then you may stand to gain more from working with other angels first, while building your way up to Poiel.

You’re interested in building a career in music, correct? It would be a good idea for you to magickally empower your creative endeavours to start, then follow this with more business-oriented angels. I mentioned Lavel (17) earlier, and you may also consider Aniel (37), Achaiah (7), Nememiah (57), Laviah (11), and Nitel (54). Poiel (56) is who I would turn to after working with other angels, though if you feel called to the angel, go ahead and follow your intuition, but be prepared to work with other angels to continue to forge your career path.


With my music I’m trying to push IT through for seven years and I’m really exhausted from that effort and the effort in that book is a beautiful example of how there is a struggling writer who wants fame and recognition do he can contact Poiel that’s just me it’s my case…
… man is constantly trying and no results anymore it really all annoys me music is my whole life and I’m tired of waiting for another X years to get through with it I’m mad at everything I’ve written a lot of songs and I want to be a singer not a frontman in the band and I don’t have a band so I don’t know what else in a way I would be Discovered and there are no talent competitions in our country the singers probably had it harder to discover I need something like an influential person from the music industry to notice me or listen to my song on YouTube If it doesn’t work I think I’ll try lucifuge rofocale

Hello, can I ask for some opinions here?
I started the Master Ritual with one particular angel from the book yesterday.
I began charging the Shem amulet maybe around fifteen minutes before midnight on Thursday, and I continiue to charge it until it was about 00.15 but already Friday.
I guess this means that I did not start the ritual on Thursday but on Friday because I was still charging the Shem amulet.
No matter of this, I continiue the ritual, calling my angel.
Because in the book was written that you have to start the ritual on Thursday but is charging the amulet a part of the ritual?
I felt great during performing it, even with small mistakes (I started to envoke another angel first by mistake).
Sorry for the lame question.

Actually, magically speaking, it was still Thursday, because planetary hours go from sunrise to sunrise, not sunrise to sunset. The new day doesn’t officially begin until the sun makes its next appearance.

Also, if you are performing a ritual in a particular planetary hour or day, it doesn’t matter if the ritual goes past that time as long as it was started within it.


I recently also received this book. I hear it’s great but I’m reading it last though. I’ll read EA’s books first.

I used this book once and the magick works, but if you don’t follow an Abrahamic faith it is inadvisable to work with these angels or angels in general. Even though angels like Archangel Michael are wrongly tied to the abrahamic god if you don’t know which ones are which then you should absolutley stay away.

Pure bollox.

Worked great for me.


That is an incredibly compact box to try and fit such a complex thing into, in my opinion. Perhaps some would feel differently, but I am fairly certain that there are a great number of capable people on this forum alone who deal with angels often and are not following an Abrahamic faith…and they do just fine.

In 72 angle of magick damon said we can do ritiual early in morning before sun rise i want to ask if I can do / start ritual at 12:00 am or 1:00 am on thusday does that would be good

And 2 thing I want to ask if during ritual I didn’t feel any presence of an angel will still ritual work

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Anytime at all on a thursday is all good to start.

Its okay if you dont feel anything. What you do or dont feel will depend on your sensory acuities. The important thing is to follow the process provided, and achieve the emotional transitions as described (I always find this last part hard)

These angels are special and very powerful :muscle:t5:

From the moment I start the ritual, I feel some changes, big changes. They can do everything, even influence big personalities like politicians, authorities etc…

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In your experience, how long does it typically take to see effects after 11 days of doing a ritual?


It really depends on what you asked. If it is something that needs to be built over several weeks then you will see the results over some weeks

But I got my new job only 2 weeks after doing the ritual ( I don’t think if it’s 2 weeks, 11 days of the ritual + some 3 or days )

Got my car after two months

I asked to learn like a genius cause I ad no experience, this one also works, I can’t tell when the results started to occur. I didn’t know I was doing well with my job until months later I started hearing some rumours that I am very good and intelligent.

And I noticed that when I see someone doing a new task once, I will do it myself without no issue.

There’s a deputy CEO who was recently hired for her technical skills after seeing what’s she doing with code :woman_technologist:

I started incorporating it myself to my work. And I no longer need her.

So you see the power to learn like a genius is not something that you will say you achieved it or you started to see the results after certain amount time… it’s something that will always be there and working for you, cause you can’t stop learning new ways


Personally I’d say follow what they tell you to follow but be calm(no need to stress over something if we cant do something), it’ll all be well. It was a great experience for me at least.

In 72 angles when we craft request its says use emotional alchemy when we craft request and use some negative emotions to show your discomfort but if we only focused in positive outcome without show negative emotion is it ok or we have to show some discomfort showing discomfort is necessary?