6th & 7th books of moses: a grimoire breakdown


I did not get it
How is that suppose to make me do magick
And btw i like your quick response to my questions. It makes meb feel like asking more


I noticed! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey it’s okay, I’m waiting for a delivery, will answer while I can but might be busy soon, but other people might have suggestions for you as well soon, we’re in similar timezones and the American members will be on later.

To your question, what I am suggesting is:

1: find out if you are naturally gifted, using that Oracle Book, and perhaps getting other readings done;

2: find a mentor, a demon or spirit to tutor you in magick;

3: learn to increase personal magickal power by doing “energy work” exercises.

These will be the best route in my personal opinion to commanding this kind of miracle to occur.


I couldn’t make it work
Do a video of you doing an example


I have done it but explain this to me clearer
"Your love is mutual but endeavours will be made to cause dissension between you"


It means in short that you have some natural success with this, but that outside events or people will try to mess things up.

It’s harder to be more precise without knowing the subject of the question - for example was it about magickal suiccess or love.

I don’t do videos, sorry - I attempted to explain it in the photos linked from that tutorial, I’m not sure a video would allow me to do it more clearly, perhaps someone else will help here. :slight_smile:


If people will mess it up should i stop?


The reading suggests someone or something might try - if you’re the kind of person who gives up if there’s any opposition, then maybe you should reconsider, but really I see it as a warning that you may face opposition but to NOT let that out you off from stirivng for your goal.


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hi sir!
please could you send me a translated copy of the book:‘sword of moses’? thank you


@joherb_theo this book appears to be out of copyright now, so i recommend pasting this into Google to find a downloadable version of the book:

"sword of moses" filetype:pdf


If anyone’s curious about a more updated application of some of these seals, some of the Gallery’s books put them to use, particularly Wealth Magick. The left- and right-side seals are to be placed on either side of a spirit’s seal, to allow for a stronger connection. The “left” actually goes on the right though, and the “right” on the left-side of the sigil. They also need to be rotated so that they are upright.

The “general citation of moses on all spirits” can also be used, along with the accompanying words of power, as a way to call forth demons without incorporating angels, though I would still suggest using some god-names to reinforce your power and authority.

I’d also suggest adding in a few reversed pentagrams to the sigil to help soften-up reality before the evocation, and depending on the demon you may also want to add a few other elements, such as various Divine names, or if the demon works under another, the ruling demon’s seal.

The “citation of leviathan” can also be used, in conjunction with the Angels of Omnipotence, to undergo a radical transformation which will pave the way for a wealthy life. See Wealth Magick for more details on this Omnipotence Transformation.

The book also contains a much simpler version of the sigil of Aniquel, who can grant you wealth and great honors, bestowing great renown, respect, and gentle awe. The book also contains words of power that are very effective for calling upon the spirit. Before I can suggest this spirit, however, Aniquel asked that I share this message:

“I do not work with peasants.”

This point was made rather firmly. Approach Aniquel as a peasant, and the spirit will not care to do much for you. Even if you do not yet possess much wealth, as long as you have the mindset of a ruler, Aniquel will work with you, though indeed the spirit works most effectively when you have the material power, that being money, to back-up your mindset. Aniquel can also help you to adopt this mindset, should you seek to acquire it.

Aniquel does not request an offering. To help you adopt the mindset of a ruler, however, the spirit did suggest partaking of fine wine and cheese on at least the final day of the working, as these are the delicacies of an emperor. I chose to make a toast to Aniquel, out of gratitude for the assistance in securing my throne.


though i have been given a number of suggestions here but tried to no success. I
need help on stopping entities be it spirits or djinn, voodoo pins causing piercing & pinching like pains in my body and hatred from people, bad luck. It is neither medical nor psychological condition as I have taken myself for check ups.