6th & 7th books of moses: a grimoire breakdown

Hi @shinri, according to the book, the purpose of the 6th seal is “to receive information or guidance through drams or visions, sleep with this talisman under the pillow.”

So are we supposed to print the 6th seal on a piece of paper, and put it under the pillow, ask God/the universe for information about something/someone, go to sleep, and then the answers should come through a dream?

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Hey, that sounds about right, yeah. Dreams and visions are best to let happen if/when they will, and not worry about it too much. If you try to force it you’ll likely just create something yourself, rather than letting a message arise on its own.

The thing with dreams too is that you’ll need to remember them in the morning, which can take some practice if you don’t normally recall your dreams. Thankfully, it’s actually pretty simple to start doing so - before going to sleep, while lying in bed, tell yourself that you will wake up tomorrow and remember your dreams, and intend to write them down or make an audio recording of them in the morning.

I’ve gone from recalling basically nothing, or perhaps some vague notions of what happened without any imagery, to recalling 3-4 dreams consistently every night, with much better imagery than before, after only a couple of days (and this was before I was doing magick).

Your results may vary somewhat, but I was pleasantly surprised at how effective the technique was. I’ve also noticed that my dreams have become more vivid as I’ve trained my magickal senses as well, which is interesting, and even more so after performing the Imagination ritual in Mystical Words of Power.

I’ve had divinatory dreams before, but the answers have never been incredibly clear or explicit, much more symbolic or allegorical and requiring contemplation. It’s probably something you get better at with practice though. I have also found that they were more related to my emotions at the time. The dream imagery tends to represent different situations in my life, and these situations are shown to me from a different perspective, or with imagery that conveys a deeper understanding of how I feel, and sometimes even how things could go should I make a certain choice.

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I emailed you a response to this post in December.

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Use the NBRP, Frater Osiris (Michael Snuffin’s) updated version of the LBRP. It works great for fending off attacks. the BRP is also great for conjuring the Kabbalist elemental angel hierarchy, if you need them.

Do the NBRP 4 times a day, starting at each quarter. Also, if you can, smudge your room before you begin. That should get rid of problems you 're having.

Finally, if you can, take epsom salt baths.

You worked the book the old school Hoodoo way. That’s a great way to work the grimoire. Good job and let us know how it worked out for you

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I’d suggest printing or drawing the seal on paper, then creating a dream pillow by stuffing a pillowcase you sew out of silver fabric with as many of the recommended botanical herbs as you can get your hands on. Google the magickal properties of each of those dream pillow herbs to make sure they do what you want them to do.

Put the seal either in the dream pillow, or under it while you sleep - inside the pillow is better.

Be sure to recite the conjuration given with the seal while you’re creating it, and to tell the spirits your instruction as you conjure them.

Report back on what happened and let us all know how it turned out


Hey, Lady Eva.

Yes, it’s me (both of those names were mine).

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>The left- and right-side seals are to be placed on either side of a spirit’s seal, to allow for a stronger connection. The “left” actually goes on the right though, and the “right” on the left-side of the sigil. They also need to be rotated so that they are upright.<

That’s how i have them on my radionic machine. The left and right Ark of the Covenant seals beside the Holy Vessel, which is the altartop. I’ve been using them in that way for years, it’s a very powerful connection when you put a candle on top. You can feel the energy. The first time i did that, i ran the machine with a candle burning on those seals for 6 hours. I had no spell or request, i was just running the seals. It affected weather conditions. So the seals work fine.

>The “general citation of moses on all spirits” can also be used, along with the accompanying words of power, as a way to call forth demons without incorporating angels, though I would still suggest using some god-names to reinforce your power and authority.<

That doesn’t add up to me. The General Citation is loaded with godnames and is taken from the Jewish Siddur (prayerbook).

The Faustian Spirit Commando doesn’t call on god or angels, it only has you recite Psalm 91 for protection; Faustian magick forces are malevolent and can ruin your life if you call them wrong. From what i gather, you can get a similar effect if you recite Psalm 129; that Psalm is for spiritual power.

>I’d also suggest adding in a few reversed pentagrams to the sigil to help soften-up reality before the evocation, and depending on the demon you may also want to add a few other elements, such as various Divine names, or if the demon works under another, the ruling demon’s seal.<

You don’t need to do that. To call demons you conjure from the book during an eclipse. You use the Shemhamphorash table with the Generation Seal, and you conjure the 7 familiars Astarte, Astaroth, Aziel, Baalberith, Adramelech, Nisroch, and Aeshma Deva. This is stated plainly in the 7th Book.

>The “citation of leviathan” can also be used, in conjunction with the Angels of Omnipotence, to undergo a radical transformation which will pave the way for a wealthy life. See Wealth Magick for more details on this Omnipotence Transformation.<

Citation of Leviathan? I’ve never considered that before. I can see that working very well, actually.

>The book also contains a much simpler version of the sigil of Aniquel, who can grant you wealth and great honors, bestowing great renown, respect, and gentle awe. The book also contains words of power that are very effective for calling upon the spirit.<

I’ve seen the seal Damon uses, which strips out the Jewish writing on the Moses seal. An even simpler seal is found in Dr. Faust’s Black Raven, or the Threefold Coercion of Hell.

>Before I can suggest this spirit, however, Aniquel asked that I share this message: “I do not work with peasants.”<

With the gotcha being that most magicians who use the 6th & 7th books of Moses are peasants by Aniquel’s standard. The Books of Moses are folk magick, not ceremonial. You’re pretty much guaranteed to be a peasant working this grimoire. Somebody has been pulling your leg a bit, ijs.

>This point was made rather firmly. Approach Aniquel as a peasant, and the spirit will not care to do much for you. Even if you do not yet possess much wealth, as long as you have the mindset of a ruler, Aniquel will work with you, though indeed the spirit works most effectively when you have the material power, that being money, to back-up your mindset.<

After having done some wealth type magick just to test the waters, i think i’m beginning to understand what you mean. Crowley’s statement ’ A King may choose his garment as he will: there is no certain test: but a beggar cannot hide his poverty’ rings true to me.

What that basically means is that you have to be a risktaker when it comes to investing everything into a financial venture. Many times i’ve seen that spirits will ask of you more than you have on you. If you have $500 on you, they’ll ask you for $1000. If you have $1k they’ll ask for $2k. You have to be willing to go beyond your means and trust that they’ll kick in after you have both feet in the water.

>Aniquel can also help you to adopt this mindset, should you seek to acquire it<

From what i understand, the Faustian demons that grant acclaim and wealth are Marbuel and Aziabelis. Aniquel gives business in a minor sense of being luxurious, but is more for love and relationships. So there is a bit of a distinction.

>Aniquel does not request an offering. To help you adopt the mindset of a ruler, however, the spirit did suggest partaking of fine wine and cheese on at least the final day of the working, as these are the delicacies of an emperor. I chose to make a toast to Aniquel, out of gratitude for the assistance in securing my throne.<

That makes a lot of sense. There’s a spirit in Sorceress Cagliostro’s 26 Demons that suggests taking yourself out on a date to a 5-star restaurant, with a quill pen and fine fabric; ordering yourself an expensive meal beyond your means; and speaking in an aristocratic accent, as you draw their seal on the fabric and casually tell them what you want. From what i gather, the proper attitude to have with these spirits is that of doing a business deal among upper class denizens. You can’t approach them as a commoner, you have to find out how the truly rich live and carry the demeanor that you’re already one of them.

That’s a lot harder than you’d think, since most people are completely mistaken about what it means to be rich.


@emperor Thanks, could I private message you about this? I am looking to connect with someone that has either worked this book extensively or is still working it

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Sure. Lmk what you’re up to and we’ll compare notes.

Realize everyone works the book differently. Definitely ask for a 2nd (and 3rd, etc) take before you accept anything as law.

With that said, the book itself is pretty straightforward, so you can tell when people add things to it that aren’t there. The BOM is pretty hard stuff, so there’s no need to add anything extraneous to it.

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PLease Wright, i have tried all my best as to decrypt anda decypher this secrets of the hebrews since i was 17,until till now it yields notthing,but joining this forun few days ago and now meeting you on here has given me undoubted hope,andan please i will love to be your student if you don’t mind,because i am far here in West Africa Ghana,where it’s not easy to find teachers of your caliber,would be pleased if we could interact ana get well acquainted via e mail,or Facebook please.

I’m far from a teacher. Rather, i’m a student like you.

If you knew how many stupid mistakes i’ve made you’d never want to learn from me.

My suggestion to you is to buy some of the training EA Koetting sells here on this site.

If money is a problem, join Quareia and learn magick for free - it costs you only your time and effort.

Be careful about looking up to magicians in general. Everybody in this game is only human. That habit of seeking gurus and idolizing people will bite you in the ass more often than not. So condition yourself out of it.


Thanks for the words or wisdom and encouragement,i must say i highy appreciate your effort in reverting back to my message,and i would be glad if you could be friends just way beyond the forum,for i see we have a lot in common. Just tobadd up a few to your reply,i don’t rely in people ,or believe there is a guru out there who could se me through what i desire,absolutely not,but i understand that iron sharopens iron,and a child who is already walking on their feet could help the one creeping to stand,as conscious minds we just get to make each other more conscious on the path of consciousness .

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Are you on Facebook ,or is there any confidential means by which you can help me with the invocations of angels from the sixth and seventh book of moses,please i just need much more clarification .remember mem when i wrote to you the last time

hello wright i saw you have mentioned some details about sword of moses and i would like to know some more details as i am using the version Yuval Herari but it doesnt have the full version of all the names i think.Do you have any suggestion to obtain the full version as i can use that.

I just sent this to emperor directly but this is an update from the operation I did on 3/19:

Update from my 3/19 operation with the Spirits of the Table of the Sun (copied and pasted from another occult forum):

"I got what I asked for in a way that I wasn’t expecting. In fact, I’d asked for a significant amount of money which I received but the caviat was the money was already mine. When I made the petition, I was under the illusion that I had no money and needed emergency money when in fact, I did have the money I needed. It was just a matter of accessing it, which I did. So I’m not so sure the spirits helped me beyond directing my attention to a source of money that was already there, that I had tapped into in the past but for some reason the option didn’t appear to me until after the operation. I’m reluctant to chalk this up as a successful operation but I got what asked for in the end so by that standard, it worked I guess?

I need to do another operation: I am planning a trip to brazil and could use their support in acquiring the ticket and the balance of the initiation that is going to take place. So I will do the operation for that and report back here."

“I was reading another person’s account of their experience with the Table spirits of the BoM. They said the Table spirits are angelic and they work to cause change in a gradual way that doesn’t create instability the way a demon would. So I am guessing they guided me to what I needed in a way that caused the least amount of instability possible.”


I would say your operation was a success.

The spirits don’t need to force open a door that’s already open.

No different than you spending an hour looking for your glasses only to be told they’re on your forehead.

Whatever gets the job done.

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Hello, I’m new here and have gone through many comments, I have a question that hasn’t been fully answered…
I want to make use of one of the seals of Moses/Solomon, without call any spirit cause I’m still a novice and don’t know how to communicate with spirits…

Question 1:- Can these seals work by just printing them and having them in your pocket always?
Question 2:- some seals state under them that the carrier will attract great fortune.
I want the experts to explain which seals works by just carrying them and the special ways to draw them if I have to draw them out and not print a copy. Thanks :pray: