666 is Astaroth (Al Uzza) and Purson is the First Beast

Astaroth is the beast of the earth (Second Beast False Prophet). Purson is the Wild Beast of the Seas. Horus is the Third Beast. Murmur is the fourth beast.


I see you.


purson is evil and is basically a snake demon. Lucifer is also a large snake in Hellfire. There is a lot of snakes in Hellfire so be aware of this.

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Mr. Koetting I am not trying to preach to you. I just wanted to give you my opinion that 666 means Maitreya not Sorath.

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maitreya is not the beast of the earth it is astaroth al uzza

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This ritual is useful for those who Work with Purson, Maitreya, Ahriman, Lucifuge Rofocale, and Tathagata Siddhartha. Those are the main Black Sun spirits. Black Sun is more powerful than people think. These demons are key to harnessing the Black Sun. This ritual will balance these energies and open up angelic gateways. Demons have told me they still use some angelic powers. They just now use darkness as well. This is how you should see it. Do this ritual and you won’t regret it.

Conjuration repeat 5-7 times:

I call to thee Yeshuah HaMashiach. I conjure thee Yeshua Msheekha. Rise YOD HEY SHIN VAV HEY. For I evoke thee Bar Elaha. Rise within my mind, body, and soul. Rise and manifest Yeshua. Grant me your powers Tiphareth and of the solar spheres of Heaven. For I evoke thee. I call to thee Archangel Raphael. Rise and manifest Archangel Raphael. For I evoke thee Raphael. Rise within my mind, body, and soul Raphael. Rise and manifest within the incense Raphael. Grant me your powers of Tiphareth and the solar spheres of the 9 Heavens. For I evoke thee Raphael. For I call to the Michael. Rise and manifest Michael. For I evoke thee archangel Michael. Rise within my mind, body, and soul archangel Michael. Rise and manifest Michael within the incense. Come to me spirits I have called forth and come with your ministering angels.

Light incense and scry. Listen to what they have to say to you. Write down what they say in a notebook.


you can evoke angels and the Father with magick as well. This is what some magicians won’t tell you.


don’t evoke dark entities unless you are aware they are not your friends.

Astaroth Al UZZA is the second beast


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About 666 : channeled information that might help :slight_smile:


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I penned Black Magick of Ahriman. I’ll do it. Can you send the rite to my email?


the scroll-let of life is for you

Learning of your past lives? Does this include absorbing all the information your other selves have learned? Is that possible?

You can reincarnate in any kingdom.

@fentrossman rummaging through some old posts, i found this transcript someone did of E.A.'s evocation of the 9 demonic Kings from 2014:


I ride upon the waters. I ride upon the waters. I ride upon the earth. I am six and six and six. We are nine.

Keep your head down Arekaylose (sic). Keep your heads down and work. Concern yourselfs not at all with the thoughts or the words of others. Concern yourself not at all with the fruit of your labor. Work. Do the work. Build the walls of the empire. Build them day, by day, by day. There are others who can come and can concern themselves with the good opinion of others. This is not your task. There is another world in which you live in which you reign and that world is coming into fruition. Until it arises do not concern yourself with this world. It is a shadow of a thing that is dead and does yet not know. It is buried. Bury this world in your works.

I don’t “get” this stuff myself, but if you didn’t see it already, I thought it might interest you. :slight_smile: