666 is Astaroth (Al Uzza) and Purson is the First Beast


Astaroth is the Beast I just wanted you to know that.


:slight_smile: thanks, I guess it also relates to 'doing the work-the work of transformation, transmutation, thus focusing on what will always be relevant - to what all will eventually awaken to.

I heard a revelation of a spirit that in 2020 I met in nature, a 4th dimensional one, that the veils would fully drop (adding to that a revelation of another highly intuitive person receiving these insights spiritually too that April may be month in particular to focus on). So better as well to be most highly advanced in the spiritual arts- though things would be easier for most when it comes to contact and following instructions, one wants to be on top of one’s game for various reasons, such as dealing with the world, as spiritually seen the intentions are most various from positive to negative to destructive, or people dealing or reacting out of spiritual ignorance…to be and get extremely experienced and thus so knowledgeable spiritually gets you a high advantage over what’s to come next.

Other revelations such as those of the galactic federation of light, 5D beings involve an education program and the return of the christed masters (we) included.

(this you perhaps already know - christed = christ= related to the divine heart-heart chakra- 12D consciousness, a state of being. though of course one can go beyond at all times as we know. (technically one can operate all of one’s 11 other chakra’s (though we have more) through the heart when we are in christ consciousness…
The Christ is the center between the + and - pole cosmically.
Both the Cosmic and individual Christ reproduced in every cell of our beings, a core component related to the trinity of our own being that makes us living gods/creators.



Hello future man, I’ve never met someone from the future before. I still live in August 30, 2017.

So, does anything happen on September 23rd? And what events should we know about beforehand in the time between now and whenever it is your live?


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So basically you are saying three Goetic demons (One of which rules a sphere or path on the Qlippothic tree I believe), and one an Egyptian god being the beast?
How did you arrive at 666 being one or more of these, Gematria?


He said it already in his thread. He got it thanks to his UPG - Unverified Personal Gnosis.


Sorry for sliding a noob question on this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

People keep saying some spirit is a “Beast”.

What is “Beast” exactly??

Whats the difference between first beast and second beast ?? Is there a order of some kind? :stuck_out_tongue:


Beast is sometimes a descriptor for awesome!


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