5th Dimension

Ok. So today i sat down with my very first psychic and the first thing she told me is that she can tell i have already entered the 5th dimension and that i am helping to push its progress. She said she doesnt have a lot of knowledge related to this topic so she could not tell me any more. Can anyone here clue me into what she may have been talking about?

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It’s a bit too vague and almost like a cold reading, by that telling you something insanely general with very little information given.

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I would take it to mean you are mastering your mind and thoughts. Manifestation of your thoughts are much quicker there and I would say your on your way to ascension.
but thats’s just my interpretation :slight_smile:

Well she did say a lot more than just that and was really spot on. Just that’s the only part that didnt make sense.

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Supposedly, the 5th dimension is a plane of consciousness

What I believe she said, is that she felt you are actively pursuing tasks in the realm of the astral, and that you are helping it move forward. Since you are in this forum, I guess she is right.

I think positivelycm is right, is a plane of consciousness
hard to explain, but to make things short

planet earth as science etc show us to be, is 4th dimension (earth element rules it)
now, when you step into your spiritual path (water element), you start to see thing differently, you start to understand tangible things (earth element) can be manipulated trough magic or spiritual techniques (water element), so you can start to understand the 5th dimension, the plane above this reality is not earth is water.
let’s say reality is common agreement of perceptions (4th dimension), if you can percibe the spiritual truths, which rules over reality’s mirages. you are aware of the 5th dimensional plane.

4th dimensions (3d + time)= planet EARTH
5th dimension (3d + time+ the spiritual link between things) WATER plane

This sounds suspiciously like universalism. Can you elaborate further please?

There are spiritual links over tangible truth.

imagine how magic works trough the symbolic, the symbolic connection between stuff for example, is a let’s call it spiritual link.

so in a way we can manipulate the tangible world trough this links
but that is not all what I am trying to explain:

this so called tangible world might not be as certain as we imagine, we all look at it trough different perspectives, so reality (this tangible world) is constituted only by the common agreement on what we percibe
you percibe a table there i percibe it too, so we agree there is a table there. and we say is a reality for granted.
now from our point of views things can be quite different in fact. (but we cannot know how much)

but the spiritual link the symbolism of the table, for example is in the collective subconscious mind (unless you have given it another symbolic connection) anyway this connections in a way rule over the tangible world, this connections we can not prove are “Truth”

so really what I am trying to express is that the 5th dimension also starts appearing when you start questioning reality, and you understand it might only be a mirage, and illusion.
and start interacting with this spiritual links. in a way as more immersed you are in this obviously your magic works better, and you start diving deeper in this new dimension
is a consciousness shift, you start seeing things differently

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I see a chair instead. What now?

I’m not sure I get what you mean, or maybe my example wasn’t clear.

when you see a table we all percibe the same, a table. but we can be looking something different.
we were taught as child what a table is, but we could be seeing things a little different, and what I got used to call a table might not be exactly what you see, I do not mean you will see a chair.
I’m talking that the real perception of the table, can shift in ways that are even imposible to imagine to ourselves.
but this does not mean you will replace a table for a chair.

What if I perceive yellow as blue and you perceive yellow as yellow? Both perceptions are true yet different.

exactly that’s exactly the point, we can never know, so the truth is what the color is spiritually linked to
for example I see color “A” you see color “B” we were both since child taught the name of the color we see is blue, reality wont tell us the truth, it will only tell what the common agreement of perceptions is “Blue”
but the spiritual link of the color, is truth, for example blue for me color “A” is the color of the sky, blue for you is a color “B” and is in the same way the color of the sky
so this link is truth
what blue actually looks like for each other is a mystery

Not exactly. We can use that which has been scientifically and medically authenticated to posit theories about the Acausal. In the knowing that, logically, the causal has to have been born from the Acausal and because of this, all living organisms presence Acausal essence (threads of truth).

cience is only another belief system
and it can not prove the essential thing
is only theory over theory, it can not prove the basics “existence”
no belief system can prove that.

Tell that to the Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras and Heidegger. I think you mean that profane science is just another belief system?

Is difficult to explain you are too certain of the 4th dimention. So we have different paradigms.

I’m not certain of anything, but before I begin venturing into abstract theory I make sure my foundation is based on what I can perceive with my 5 senses and logic. You need a safety rope of sorts or you will lose your way and sanity as your physis (pre-Socratic definition) continually unfolds.

Half of the people on this forum are bat-shit insane and incapable of using logic due to not starting from a point of observed phenomena.


I understand perfectly
And that is true
In order to enter the 5th you can not ommit the 4th
Or you would loose it

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