5 petitions and energy work

This is for funf or profit (meaning successful workings)

Inspired by a similar thread:

In this case, 5 petitions for the five days of the week. M-T-W-T-F

In addition I will do some energy work to send energy to an intention you ask for.

If I dislike what you’re asking for, or it’s ridiculous or whatever I won’t do it.

When I have five, I’ll assign days.

We’ll see how this goes.


I’ll bite


May I have one please

I would like one. Would you like to pm the petition or write it here?

Pm me

That’s three so far.

Need 2 more

I will p.m. you

Let’s go.

I’ve got one slot left for Friday.

Preference to requests that befit venusian energies

well let me in :slight_smile:

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Ohhh too late, Venusian energies is what I need :joy: Good luck for the petitions!

i want one

I’m looking to do another round of petitions on the behalf of others again.

Let’s see…how about SEVEN for now.

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Can i get one?@crookedpathfinder

I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

Would love one thanks a lot :hugs:

Can i get one?





Y’all can pm me if you like.

So far that’s four

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Id love one if possible!

I’ll take one please, if you’re still doing them.



I’ll add you to the queue

You can pm me what your petition is for.