5 free tarot readings


After long time of using tarot - I would like to make some free readings for people who might need it.
Feel free to post what is your question for my cards and I will check it as soon as I can.

If you have any questions - feel free to ask.

I use Medieval Scrapin Tarot.



How do I cure my mental health issues??

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Hi! My deck keep indicating a female working behind the scenes to do me some kind of harm, however I’m not sure if my deck is off - might you beable to do do a reading and see what you get :confused: i know its a bit vague…

Its just when they seem to be on form i get different cards reguarly come up… i cant tell if i need a new devk pr if ots an actual warning!

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Next magick step

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Yes please! Could I have a love reading please?

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I’ve seem to hit an impass on a career level in spite of going back to school. Are there any blockages that you can see keeping me from moving up or changing careers? I have done my own reading with tarot but I am not very experienced with it and have not found any causes for the stall.

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Hmm thats not exactly question i might answer but lemme try to read it.

Changes in yourlife goes from your mental instability, you need to learn yourself how to get more confidence and make your wishes come true. Other way it will make obstacles in your life especially in material gain and well being. Right now focus on realised desires and your success to gain it. Do not focus on rushing into decisions and doing something because its popular or might bring you popularity. You should focus now on your emotions and slowly accept them and change them as you please.
From my other deck there are 2 suggestions for it : when you doubt in everything around you, you become untrustfull for it. you should stop being angry at reality around you, you are the one who creates it. Open yourself for it and change it to make it as you wish .The other one is : True respect is comming from true freedom. First think what it means for you, and then give a freedom for this around you. Freedom should means they can do whatheaver they please, as same as you. Accept their choices and decisions.

okay lets see it :slight_smile:
There is inspiration and prosperity in your life, but also your past is mixing now with your life and bring new problems and obstacles. But its not a reason to be worried because the people who make problems or made them will find sword of justice. You should also think of forgiving them and move ahead without them as your balast. You should more focus on your impatience and unwise investments. You should not think of momentary success only try to see whats over it. There is always a lesson in our lifes and you should look for it to learn it. Remember that success comes after anxiety, and dont be afraid of it, but it might need also your determination and will.

About cards ; try to clean them instead of change them? I never changed deck i just keep getting more but i use most of my ones.

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Can I have one?

Hi I would like a reading on my finance status… if reading is still available

Thank you. I will use this information to make changes in my mindset.

There is some bad odds around you, look for them carefully. There is much passion in your future work together with intriguess and sedduction. You shoud focus on works with love, beauty and pleasure more than looking on quarrels and arguments.
So if this suits any of spirits you want or work with - go ahead :slight_smile: Also theres a warning; unsatisfacted desires make abaddontment and this might lead you into severity and some exaggerated ideas how to change it.

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Sure but your one will be done soon :slight_smile:

@aireen can I have one?

yes you can and all before you. But then I dont make new ones :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Thats a great draw & some sage advice :slight_smile:

I did try cleaning the deck once, but i dont think its worked well enough. It is VERY old, and tho much loved it feels a bit geriatric at times! I will try something a bit stronger on them :wink:

Thank you so much, can you look what future holds onto me. Right now my spiritual life,physical life and other areas of my life not working?
Where should I first focus?

Or else general reading is much appreciated.

Situation: THe wheel is moving and making changes in it.
Sides of relationship: The one side of the relationship is leadering person with authority, but also realiable marriage partner, the other one instead have desires and its not afraid of achieve them, thought its good card.
How they feel about the relationship: Person one : can’t see the facts and realise them, and dont think about relationship at all, more focus on itself. Person 2: have reasonable fear about relationship and doubts.
The end of situation: There is propably unfaborable news and end of relationship.

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Can I have a reading please.

Ask what every question pops in your head first when you say my name.

There are obstacles, mostly due sb being jealous about your prosperity and great wealth. You will need a patience and focus to find this person, but its sb from your closes ones. Future brings fast and unexpected changes for you. You should focus more about learning and follow your intuicion in this matter to resolve it. Do not focus on wealth and moneys right now, this will come when obstacles are removed. Sometimes you just look too far at the people, while person who you need to find is just next to you.