5 free Tarot readings: FILLED

Hey all! Been finally getting into reading Tarot (specifically the Thoth deck), so I need practice. Keep in mind I am a complete beginner so I apologize in advance if my readings are wildly inaccurate, woefully mistaken, or if I somehow manage to pick up an in-depth analysis of your pet’s love life rather than your own.

I am taking 5 requests for now (possibly more later on), so if you want a reading just post below with your question (or post below and then PM me with it) and the first five responders will get readings. I will be better able to answer general questions like “How will my relationship turn out?” or “Will this new job be a good fit for me?” as opposed to specific ones like “What are tomorrow’s winning lottery numbers?” or “What spirits are around me?”. I make no guarantees as to how quickly I will get them done but hopefully in the next couple days or so. :+1:

Let’s go!



When will I finally get my life on task ?


Hi! Want one.

Hmm The steps I’m taking presently, will it give the good results I’m expecting or not upto what I desired?


“How will my jar spell’s result manifest?”


I’m down.

How will my new home manifest?


Changing my questions, will his world be fucked?


And that’s a wrap! Thanks all, your readings will be coming shortly. :smiley:


I’m about to pop offline for the night, so could you just pm me the results when you get around to my reading? I’ll see it in the morning when I wake up


Why are you asking me? I’m not the one doing the readings… I’m trying to go to sleep.

Alright, here’s what I got:

  1. You have the Ace of Wands as your significator. I see you wanting to start something new, you have all the energy and will at your disposal but you don’t know where to put it.

  2. The crossing card is The Hierophant. You’ve done some soul-searching, or maybe even received some advice or guidance from spirits, that’s telling you that you need to make a change.

  3. The crown card is Change. Change is already in progress even if you can’t see it already. Seeds have been planted and are growing into fruition.

  4. The root card is the Knight of Cups. You know you can get somewhere good if you follow what you already know deep down, if you follow your heart and charge forward where it’s telling you to go.

  5. The past is represented by Valour. You’ve shown inner strength and the ability to follow through on commitments in the past so you should have no problem doing so again.

  6. The future is represented by Completion. You will get your life back on track and tidy up all loose ends, but I’m not getting a quick time estimate here… I hear “two years”.

  7. Your emotional state is represented by The Chariot. You’re pushing yourself to find a way through your obstacles and you know you got to keep moving in order to do so.

  8. Your environment card is Oppression. There are factors here that are actively working against you. I feel that either friends or someone close to you in your life is making it hard for you to enact the change you need.

  9. Your hope is to embody the force of The Aeon. This is the card of rebirth, of evolving into something new and shedding the old husk to metamorphose into something better.

  10. The final outcome is represented by Sorrow, The Tower, and finally The Magus. It will not be an easy process; in fact it will be painful and involve the destruction of what you think you’re attached to right now. In the end, though, you’ll make everything click and push through with your inner drive and power to become Master of your True Will.


Will my girlfriend come back to me? Will there be a reconciliation?

hi. someone put some spell on me a while back. f you could tell me about this person? how does he or she feels about it? does she or he want to do it again?

Thank you, I appreciate the reading. Much resonates and makes a lot of sense. Even that two year mark. All I need is around two years to make a complete change.

Again thanks, it hit homebase. Accurate reading!


Thanks, glad to hear it! :smiley:

Here’s what I got:

In order, Strength, Happiness, Strife, Valour, Completion, and Queen of Wands.

You are wondering whether you have the ability to pull this off. What’s led up to this is a desire for happiness, or at least what you think is happiness: you see something, whether it’s a relationship with a person or something that someone else has and you want it so badly you can taste it, but you’re having trouble getting there. It’s been a difficult process and there’s been issues for sure, but I see you attaining your desire successfully provided you put in the work and do the right thing. As far as what the right thing is, the Queen of Wands sits confidently on her throne and lets the flames engulf her. You’re proceeding the right way, just use your drive to get it done and push yourself to that finish line.


It’s like people can’t read the topic title and see that the 5 slots are full up.



We have Adjustment, The Devil, Ruin, The Emperor, Futility, and Cruelty.

:laughing: sorry @Anziel_Merkaba, but I’m not seeing the brightest future for your jar spell. It seems like it’s motivated from pettiness or malice, and will end only with pointless destruction (presumably caused by obsession of the target). To avoid this you must break whatever attachment you’ve formed to your desire (whether that be for revenge or something else): only by doing so will you become the Emperor and rule like a king should.


Honestly, the spell was originally to get the neighbor chick to not be such a terrible neighbor (by making her listen to what I tell her), but then it kinda turned into a hatefuck spell (to make her obey my command)…

I don’t know how it will manifest, but I’m curious to see when it does…

I’m probably gonna have to just let go of my frustrations with my neighbor and stop caring if she becomes a better neighbor or not, judging from your reading and the context of my spell.

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Very well, Nyxifer. What a read! Very accurate. It bothers me a lot, at times I would think am I going too hot?

I guess I’ve to keep working then, and ignore those thoughts putting me away.

Accurate reading.


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Well, could be it’s just your approach is problematic; perhaps instead of trying to change her behavior you could enchant for circumstances in her life to change so she moves?

Thanks, I’m happy it helped! :smiley:

OK, here goes:

You are represented by the Hermit, a mostly solitary, introspective person who has done plenty of soul-searching as to why your manifestation for a new house hasn’t worked yet.

You are crossed by Strife. Your plans keep breaking apart and chaos in the form of the fiery Wands has brought you to this point.

I see the need to master your emotions and rein in any doubt and fear that pop up: the crowning Prince of Cups demonstrates this by commanding firmly from his eagle and holding his emotions securely in his hand.

At root of this all is Defeat, pretty self-explanatory.

In the past I see the resolve to make this happen in the Strength card. You’re not shying away from taking action, nor are you buckling under the weight of what’s needed: all that’s lacking is the right direction.

In the future I see the need to decide which course of action harmonizes with you the best. The Virtue card signifies taking actions that are in accordance with your own Dharma; have the methods you’ve used up until this point truly felt right, or more so like you’re grasping at different alternatives in desperation? Ask yourself what spirit(s) or methods you vibe with the most, then go from there. Otherwise it’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Your emotional state is represented by the Prince of Wands. You’ve already got the Will to make it happen, so pick your Lion appropriately and let it pull your chariot where it needs to go.

The environmental factors are signified by the Knight of Disks. You see the stability around you that you desire in a friend or family member and you aspire to that same goal.

Your hope is that of Luxury, of not just settling for some hole-in-the-wall but in making the stars align to manifest an abode truly fit for a King.

Finally, for the final outcome we have Prudence, the Queen of Cups, and The Emperor. I interpret this as you need to become like the Queen, perfectly calm in a transparent pool of water, floating deep within yourself, and you will find the right method to move forward and take charge of your living situation. It will take time, effort, and planning, but if you can quiet the worrying naggings of the monkey mind you can make it happen. :+1:


Very accurate.

Yes. Accurate.

Yes. I am worried.

Yep. That’s the cause of the worry and stress.

Quite accurate. With the failure of my pact with Lucifer, I don’t know where to go now.

Yes, this is where my problem lies. Angels or demons? Or something else entirely? I’m grasping at everything because I’m running out of time.

Most definitely.

Extremely on point. Yes, I’m tired of settling for just a roof over my head. I want a real home.

A positive outcome, but unfortunately, I don’t have time. I’m on a deadline.

Thank you for the reading. Amazing accuracy, my friend. You hit a lot of nails on the head about my situation.