5 day Meditation with Mesphito (Mephistopheles)

I’ve recently become a pre-initiate of the Temple of Atem and in one of the lessons I had to choose and meditate on a demon from the Dukante pantheon for 5 nights; I chose mesphito and I just have a few questions about him that I hope anyone who has worked with him can give me insight on.

1.) have you ever seen or had an encounter with crows or ravens while in Mesphito’s presence?

2.) Is it common for him to be bald while wearing a robe like cloak without a hood?

3.) Mesphito is the Keeper of the book of death, does he usually give out books and has he ever given anyone a book?

If you mean, Mephistopheles, then this is an account of my experience with him:


Yes I do mean him and your descriptions do share connections with mine as well some of the things he said to you.