4th Gallery of Magick (GOM) Working and my results thus far. What were yours?

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all doing wonderful and chasing your dreams.

Besides, my brother who believes in magick but doesn’t practice it, I have no one to share my stories and progress with.

I have just finished the 4th GOM working by Damond Brand 2 days ago. I wanted to say that the things that are taking place in my as of right now are miraculous, to say the least. Besides the GOM daily practice and rituals, I’ve only done small things magic-wise (using just my own energy once which manifested the desired result within 24hrs) and my working with the black pullet seems to be showing results as well.

An opportunity has presented itself in my life. If I excel with this opportunity I may very well become a millionaire this year. Not only that I would be helping people which is also my desire. If these things that are happening now turn out to be successful by me performing well I will not only have found one of my purposes in this life but also know how powerful the GOM is when paired with action on the part of the practitioner.

I feel blessed and highly favored. I truly believe that. Beliefs drive action and my psychic perception seems to be growing as well. I can walk into a room sometimes now read the energy and know-how a specific situation is going to play out. Even negative ones. It happened last night and I handled it with grace when I had every right to be upset and complain but I didn’t.

I also backed into a vehicle 2 days ago and nobody was around to witness it. I got out checked my vehicle and there was no damage. I did damage the front bumper of the vehicle I hit. The old me would have looked around, saw no witnesses and driven away.

That’s not who I am anymore. I walked up to the street where a police car was but they were nowhere to be seen and dealing with a separate issue. I went to the closest doors of where the car was parked on the street. No one would answer. Again the old me, if I were to have gone this far, would have said “well I tired” instead I called it into the police because It was the right thing to do.

Right after I called it in I got a notification that a potential new client invited me to apply for their project.
Instant Karma? I don’t know but I do believe what we do and how we treat each other matters.

That was just a side story but the main thing I wanted to get across is the monumental shifts are taking place in my life. Things are happening right now that can take me to an entirely new level. I’m being pushed out of my comfort zone and into the arena. How I position myself and work on myself now will determine the outcome of the coming year.

I’d like to tell you more but cannot at this point.

Please tell me the results you have gotten from the Gallery of magick by Damon Brand.
What working are you on?
Did you finish it?
How was the process for you?
What changed for you?
How did things change for you?
And anything you want to add.

Lastly, I want to add I stopped at the 3rd working and did nothing for a few months. I had a paranormal experience and got back into it and began the 3rd working over again. Now I’m on the 5th working and things have never been looking better.

The last thing I wanted to mention is my actual financial wealth hasn’t grown exponentially yet. But my mindset and opportunities have expanded immensely. Some of you will understand what I mean.


Which book are you using? Your post is a bit confusing, and makes it sound like the Gallery of Magick is a book by Damon Brand, but it is not. The Gallery is simply the name of the group Brand is a member of, along with Gordon Winterfield.


It sounds like OP is referring to Success Magick if I’m not mistaken.

Or maybe Wealth Magick?

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‘The Daily Practice’ is from Wealth Magick, so that’s one of the books used at least, and since the post deals with other wealth related things it’s probably the main work used here.


Yes wealth magick, I have my notes label from working/day/ etc so I forgot to mention that

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Anyone else have any input or experience with these workings who would like to share?
If not I’m going to assume they all got so wealthy they just stopped coming to Balg for Wealth magick :laughing:


There are several ways the main (2nd) ritual that drives it all can manifest

The theme I keep coming back to is “unite dream and day.”

I personally saw about 7 different dreams rise to the point I could really sit with the vision of that reality and imagine life from there. They were all things I had wanted to do yet I couldn’t figure out how to integrate them.

Each one subsequently fell when I realized it was incomplete for the vision of my life. I needed something more as the work wasn’t completely fulfilling. It gave me closure on some lost futures I thought I had given up on yet I discovered my reluctance was actually a sign all along that it wasn’t my path

Things moved very very quickly and I got a digital marketing education on someone else’s dime. All I had to do was show up, sponge information, and work so much a part in my laptop melted from having my processor redlined all day long. I wrote and got a book published, I launched a fitness and fat loss brand, I ran a podcast, and several other things popped up and then fell after taking off quite well.

I needed the closure because the question “what if?” really sucks. I’m glad things went the way they did. It was a very miserable experience yet the power is outstanding and I know what not to do in my life now. More than that I have a much greater vision of that and things are continuing to line up for me financially over a year after completing it

Side note:
For the person doing research that’s considering changing the main angelic rites to substitute for their 3 demons of choice because “i DoN’T LiKe ANgELs!” …maybe don’t. You’ll thank yourself later


What’s wrong with angels? Just curious to hear your thoughts


Some just like demons more

But then some can’t understand why you’d only choose to work with angels like you only get one part of an experience and that’s gotta go both ways

However some like me choose to only work with one currently bc it’s what I connect easier to and at some point I may connect just as easily to demons and choose to

Are their books really this good and effective… i looked up on amazon one of their books and then went to another and it almost seems unbelievable the amount of praise they get. So much so for a moment i thought some of those account had to have been fake.

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Some methods work well for some, and not so well for others. I have had some good results from their stuff, and a number of failures too. For me the limitation is that most of their content depends to a strong degree on being able to perform effective emotional transmutation, and thats not something I’m great at.

As for Amazon reviews, I’m a bit wary of them. Notice how a number of rave reviews come out on the day the book was released or a few days after? A bit too soon for results. Especially for things like success magick that takes a year to perform.
A lot of reviews also rave about how amazing and powerful the book is, but then end by mentioning that they haven’t tried it out yet (you see that in the reviews for most practical occult books I say).

GOM do produce good solid practical work, but like anything how well it will work for the individual is heavily dependent on the individual and their abilities (such as the emotional transmutation reference above)…


Care to share you experience as far as the succeses and failure you mentioned and what book did you use. I just ordere the protection one thst has a 33day master ritual going with that one first

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I’ve actually used most of their books. Off the top of my head, the only ones I can think of that I haven’t worked with are Wealth Magick, Sex Magick, and the two earlier Words of Power books that were superceded by Mystical Words of Power.

For me the equation has been this: The more dependent the process is on emotional transmutation, the less effective it is for me.

For example, I have never had a result from 111 Sigils of Power and Transformation, which is at least 99 percent dependent on emotional transmutation. Whereas many others here have found it super effective.
I think I’ve got the best results from Mystical Words of Power, although still not a high success rate.

I’ve found pathworking methods to be quite effective for me as it seems to have the least emotional dependency.


I’m in Jareth Tempest’s Patreon group and about a week and a half ago, he mentioned something like the 33 day ritual in that book being one of the most effective ever published and he made one based on it (utilizing the Genii) for general use. While these 33 day rituals don’t have a whole lot of emotional transmutation, you are supposed to have a certain feeling (usually like the result has been achieved), but I’m on the same page as @Ragepanda to a large degree and even with that, I get about a week in and I just start going through motions and it becomes a mental rote experience and I forget the emotions.

As stated, much of their stuff has to do with emotional transmutation and I have trouble trying to bring back the feelings I just ran away from. I’ve had some good powerful experiences with “Archangels of Magick” and some definite results with “Demons of Magick.”


Yep I do recommend Brand’s protection magick book, which is the one you are referencing.
Im also on Tempest’s patreon. I’m guessing you saw the reference along with his new ritual based on Brands?
I just started it yesterday. Are you going to give it a go too?

Yes, that’s actually the ritual/post I was referring to. I’ll give it a shot when I feel ready to commit 33 days straight and when I have a purpose in mind. Let us know how it goes after you do it!
I’m actually on GoM’s Patreon too. They focus on Angelic Magick there, but in the past week, they released a long PDF with like 120 pages and it’s kind of like updates to some of their books and previous topics they discussed in their Patreon. I’ve been trying to absorb that a bit first to see what is even there.

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I hadn’t realised that GoM had a patreon. Any idea who runs it? I had understood that they were ending their online interactions when they shut down all of the question sections on their website a while back.
Keen to hear how you’re finding it, is it adding value?

I apologize for the lengthy response. I’ll try to answer the questions while also laying it all out there so you can decide if it is worth giving it a shot. I’ve also never explained their Patreon group to anyone, so I am using this as an opportunity to explain it all. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon their Patreon. It hasn’t even existed a year yet and I joined in January or February. I like it, and I would say it is totally worth it if you don’t mind them focusing on Angelic Magick (at least at the moment) especially since it is only $17 a month. That being said, I think the most direct powerful effect I have seen is when working with Demons. Of all their books, I’d say I have had most success with Demons of Magick before their group. I now use their new way to connect to the Shem Angel corresponding to the Demon I plan to work with first and I usually don’t need to finish the DoM ritual to connect to the Demon and the connection is usually much stronger. This was not an intended result from their new material, but an experiment I played with and when I reported it in the comments, a couple others tried it and had similar experiences. Damon Brand is the only one interacting in Patreon, but all 17 members of the Gallery supposedly collaborate to figure out what the content should be and then they collaborate for the rituals. That’s probably all the direct answers to your question, but if I have not bored you yet and you want a more complete overview, then read on.

Just to give you an idea, they came out with a 220 page PDF (mostly sigils) in February with a much simpler way to work with the 72 Shem Angels than their previous book on the subject. As you said about the comments on their site, they turned it off, and after getting the feel from the members of their Patreon, they decided to put out a PDF that will basically be a structured book answering all the frequent questions they got on their site over the years. I am not sure if the recent PDF was that or something else. I am not sure how well any of it would be useful off their Patreon group though since they claim you have to be part of the group for it to work. At the beginning of every month, they release a sigil that you are supposed to connect to that basically initiates you to their current for that month and supposedly, you have to activate the sigil of the month for most of the other stuff to work and yet it is supposed to help add power to ALL of your magickal operations. In the middle of the month, they usually release a PDF with answers to the frequently asked questions from the past month, though Damon Brand is good about replying to comments directly in Patreon. I only have Jareth’s group to compare to and you can tell GoM is much more structured.

They also give other “bonuses” along the way, which are sigils to connect with currents they have made for specific types of magick. In the time I have been in the group, they have made ones for Financial Magick, Creativity and Healing Magick that are supposed to be active for 3-12 months (depending on the sigil) after you activate it, whether you stay on their Patreon or not.

If it speaks to you, let me also state that they talked about capping the number of members they have because all 17 Gallery members have to be aware of each individual in the Patreon for the monthly sigil to work and once they want to put a limit on the number of members before have too many to be aware of. I have no idea what that number is or how close they are to it, but thought I’d throw it out there if you are interested and this creates any sense of urgency.

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where can the pdf be found?

In their Patreon group. Or on Amazon as a printed book, but only available through their Patreon group and supposedly will only work for active members of that group.