350 day challenge followup

I honestly haven’t planned to be back at this forum for a few more months or so, but since the 350 days have been up for over a month and a few weeks now, I decided to check up on any of you who have done so, so far.

Only person who had got back to me with any kind of experience was Orismen.

He reported clairaudience due to vibration of LAM.

So far, I have yet to complete the challenge I have imposed on myself and it looks like I will have to continue on.

I’ve had similar experiences as Orismen and I intend to increase the amount of experiences I have as I focus specifically on one Chakra vibration at a time.

To others who are new to what I am posting, look up my 350 day challenge and try to do it yourselves as well.

The path is rough; But easy if you’re one to easily slip in and can repeat the same exact word 1,000,000 times.

A way to get control of these points in the body leads to siddhis, kundalini movement, and other such things; But I’m here to open and share my experiences and document them for you guys here.

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Ooh I’ve got a question please, something I’ve always wondered - when you do a large number of mantras, in excess of say 4 - 5 x 108 a day, do you find progress is steady and linear, or kind of quantum leaps, where there’s no intermediate “State B” between beginning “State A” and some advance to “State C”?

I got the quantum leap thing doing rounds of 108 with mantras like AUM, and Ganesha mantras, and mostly freaked out (short periods of perfect precognisance, at a time when I had no use for it) and I’ve not met anyone in recent years who’s actualkly practiced these to that kindof level even who can share!

I am fully aware of everything.

I’ve been practicing to the point where it’s second nature and can multitask two thoughts in my mind whereas one i’d be chanting at the back of my mind and the other I could freely use to think whatsoever.

In that way, it works where I can get maybe a thousand more in per day. Otherwise, it’s better for me to use all my energy to focus on the mantra at hand than having to use twice as much to work on what’s outside as well as inside.

Progress is extremely steady. I can forget that an hour or two (seriously) had passed since I started chanting.

Link to original thread for those who are interested:


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Wow! Must have missed your post first time round.

Well done to you and Orisman for going so far.

Sorry a few q’s if you would be so kind -

  1. Presumably you can chant this in your mind as opposed to out loud?

  2. Do you have to do a million at a time or can you go 100K per chakra and repeat 10 times (for example)?

  3. Is is vital do do it everyday?

  4. Can you vary the amount at each session (say 1k one day and 2K the next) or do you have to it precisely in multiples of say, 108?

Thanks in anticipation…

  1. Yes you can chant in your mind. In fact, it’s more effective to chant in your mind. Besides those facts, it’s also harder to chant in the mind and requires more focus, but once you get it, it becomes second nature.

  2. You can do that. I just do one at a time to finish it off and work on the experience. It’s extremely tedious, but with hard work (standing still and chanting) you will gain extra insight.

  3. If you’re committed to doing it, it is vital to do it everyday. Builds stronger willpower if you’re able to say it at the same time everyday. You could do it every other day or once a week, but it’s basically missing the point of the challenge altogether. (I do 10k chants in 2-3 hours everyday, but spread out through the day).

  4. If you say it in multiples of 108, I assume you are using a mala. You can vary the amounts as long as it’s steadily over 1k and nothing below. Technically for the challenge to truly work out, you’d have to say at least 2k a day to reach 100k chants in 50 days.

  • Omni

Thanks for that Omni - food for thought.

If I do it I’ll need a tally counter as I’m hopeless with malas!

I would say try doing at least 2,000 a day while focusing on that Chakra. Somewhere around the 500s I feel the Chakra get warm due to the seed sounds and focus I am placing on it. Around 2,000 will have a nice mind altering effect.

Though there was a day I did 20,000 recitations, I was so buzzed that I could not walk properly afterwards.

And also as Omni pointed out, the most important thing is to focus on the Chakra. Don’t beat yourself up if you find your mind wandering, but gently get back to your Chakra.

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Thanks Orismen - 20,000 in a day eh? Sounds safer (and cheaper) than mind altering drugs!

I have ordered a tally counter.

I wonder what the effects would be if you did 1.5M, 2M etc per chakra.

Extra followup:

I decided that I will do a 2,555 Day Challenge (7 year Challenge)

Instead, I will spend 2 hours every single day chanting a mantra. I’ll work my way up through all Chakras. I’ll start at the root.

I’ll start when I can focus my will to be able to wake up a certain time in the morning to do it all at once.

I’ll accomplish almost 5,000,000 Repetitions of each Mantra per year. I’ll come back every 70 days (about 1,000,000 Repetitions) and share my experiences if any.

Don’t forget to add mudras.They give a very nice boost to chakras.It’s weird how this shit works,but it does.

OMG!! This sounds amazing! I can’t believe I have only just heard about this - I know I oh so late on the bandwagon, but I’m starting this tonight!!

This has intrigued me so I’ve decided to do a mini challenge and focus on a single Chakra for 7 days each. I’ve been doing EA’S Chakra exercise from QAF and I’m going to continue that but add the single Chakra focus later in the day to see if anything interesting happens.

I’ve already started with LAM over the last two days. I’m not counting repitions but time, vibrating the seed syllable in a single breath for 40 minutes. I really feel the vibrations in my lower body, especially the perineum. They spread out from there and move down my legs. When I’m done it feels almost airy and light, like the sensation of something that was closed being open. It’s also warm. It is an odd sensation.

I am having trouble keeping my awareness on the Chakra though. Will continue and see how it goes.

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Much to my surprise I’ve finished the first 100K for the root chakra! I’m currrently averaging 1k per 5 mins i.e 12k per hour.

The good thing about doing the root chakra is that it is the “will to power” chakra so in my experience the more I did the more disciplined/focussed/motivated I became to do more thus a virtuous circle. The only downside is that my libido seems to have gone on holiday - I suspect that’ll be back with a vengence for the next chakra!

This was a lot easier than I expected mainly due to the fact that I’ve been meditating for 4 odd years. Which just goes to prove that meditation is the ultimate foundation for any occult/spiritual practice.

Thats the navel chakra done - averaging 20k a day but I can’t see that I’ll be able to sustain that over the long term.

After the first day of doing this I felt very tired and had a few nights rough sleep with a slight temp and just generally felt “flat”. I may have picked up a cold/virus by co-incidence? Who knows…

So that’s the Sacral Chakra done - still averaging 20k a day.

My confidence/self esteem levels seem to have risen and my libido is back!(phew!)

That’s the heart chakra done - not much to report but I do seem to be more calm and contented.

Wow! Done them all!

Not much to report on the throat chakra but had some very intense vivid dreams with the brow chakra and felt very spaced out doing the crown chakra.

I might have crack at going for the 1M mark with the root chakra so I can get the signed autograph from Ganesha. If I do, it will be at a more sedate 10-15k per day as 20k per day in the long term is not feasable. So I may see Ganesha by the end of October…

2 questions
first meet ganeha?
second what does each chakra do?

[quote="%#, post:19, topic:5702"]2 questions
first meet ganeha?
second what does each chakra do?[/quote]

Root -survival, will to power.
Sacral - fertility, sexuality
Solar Plexus - personal power
Heart - Unconditional love
Throat - self expression, communication
Brow - 3rd eye
Crown - godhood

THose are my takes on the chakras.

Each chakra has an entity associated with it - Ganesha is the root chakra. Hopefully chanting the seed mantraup to 1M times he’ll pop up.

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