30 Days of The Iron Pentacle Journal

Feel free to comment if you want, but this is to help me keep track of my practice with this and record my experiences. And share with you all in the process.

The Iron Pentacle is a tool stemming from the Feri Tradition and is used for honing and strengthening the magician. In short you focus on the iron in your body and then use the energy to trace the points of the pentacle over your entire body in glowing hot iron. The points are Sex, Pride, Self, Power, and Passion.

As you the points, from head to foot, sex to pride, foot to hand, pride to self, etc… You draw a glowing hot iron line from each point, and run the entire pentacle until it’s flaming before you and finally you absorb it into yourself, empowering the soul complex.

Explanation out of the way, I started to do the reccomended 30 Day practice tonight. If I miss a day I will start from the begining.

Tonight in the first session I ran it exactly as described.

Maybe because of my line of work or my amateur blacksmithing, the pentacle formed in my mind’s eye made of rebar. Barely glowing at first but as I repeated the points of the pentacle like a mantra, sending that fiery energy from point to point, it glowed hotter and brighter giving off a magnificent energy.

Finally when it was at it’s peak, I absorbed it. Feeling it glow inside my and become one with the 3 Soul Complex of the Feri. Fetch, Talker, and Godsoul, all burning and shining with that radiant fire.

I feel empowered. I feel energized. I feel at peace. So concludes today’s running of the Iron Pentacle.


Day 2:

Today’s run of the pentacle was interesting. Yesterday and today both it seems to take me ten minutes to run it points to my satisfaction. This evening the visualisation was much more clear in my mind though.

I began by doing the Blue Fire meditation, then Opening the Way and aligning the three souls.

When i started the soul alignment it was all much more clear and focused than yesterday. I could see them awakening and aligning, I could see myself engulfed in the Feri fire. And I could feel the glowing brand of the iron Pentacle much stronger than before.

Very interesting. I’m curious as to what effects my Amanita tincture will have if I use it in conjunction with the Iron Pentacle when it arrives. Time will tell.

So ends day two of the Iron Pentacle.


Day 3:

As a test for future work, I ingested a small bit of the previously mentioned Amanita Tincture approximately 2 hours before running the iron Pentacle.

Today was another unique experience and difficult to put into words. The visualisation was stronger than ever, even though it took some effort to stay on task after the tincture. It was not a profound experience but everything was seen and felt in a much stronger and deeper way.

I feel at peace and I know that this is the path I am meant to be taking in this moment.

End Day 3.


Day 4:

Tonight run was given entheogenic aid as well with two droppers of Amanita Tincture in a cup of Kava Kava an hour prior. These were taken together in a brief ritual in which I sit at my altar, annoint my idols with Dragons Blood Oil and myself, then partake.

The running of the pentacle itself is still bearing interesting new results. I am finding my magickal/energy capacity to already be greatly improving. I am taking in much larger brighter amounts of Blue Fire from the Breathing Blue Fire ritual with much less effort.

When aligning the parts of the soul, my fetch has changed form. Being Ulfhedinn and having a significant background in Heathenry, the Fetch in Feri is much the same as in Heathenry, and usually for me takes the form of a large wolf with a few distinctive features.

This time however it was still a wolf but much less feral. Elegant in fact, wreathed in the blue fire.

Talker was myself, which is interesting because I tend to have trouble accurately visualizing my own face. Not so now.

The God self emerged as a shining white light from a blue lotus-like flower above my head.

Then finally i got to the pentacle itself. Which was as powerful as it has been. I focused on each point, not in words, but projecting onto them the emotions they stirred. Pushing that energy into them and manipulating it from point to point until the the entire pentacle was glowing red hot.

Then i slowed it down, breathed, and condensed the pentacle before eating it and feeling its power nourish the three souls. It was exhilarating and peaceful. I am feeling better for it every day.

End of day 4


Day 5:

Not much to say on this one. Moreso just making note that I did complete it today. But I am exhausted and found it difficult to focus. But still, it is done and even though I am fatigued I feel better knowing I took the time to at least go through with it rather than put it off or skip it.

End of day 5.


Day 6:

Was able to focus a little more today and get better visualisation. It was uneventful but the visualisation is still getting more vivid, just not the leaps and bounds as the first couple days.

One thing i am noticing however is that I am feeling stronger in myself spiritually and mentally since after at least the third day. My mind is a bit sharper and concentration seems to be improving. I am fairly certain the Iron Pentacle has something to do with this. But more time is required to really tell.

End of day 6.


Day seven.

The clarity of the visualisation is ever increasing. I was particularly in tune tonight and was in a full altered state. I had to remind myself to move on with the running a few times rather than fixate on any specific thing for too long. All in all it was a good night for it.


Day 8:

As per usual I did my devotional ritual a couple of hours prior to running the Iron Pentacle. My lovely pet python, Apep, was with me during my devotional work wrapped around my neck because it seemed right to bring her with me this time.

Interestingly enough, as I was doing the Breathing Blue Fire exercise, I got the impression of a giant serpent coiling around the perimeter of my circle.

Directly after the devotional she slithered off of my shoulder and onto my altar. I could not help but grab a picture. And I can not help but feel there is certainly something special about Apep.

Communion with my Fetch says the same thing. My Fetch told me she was a spiritual protector of sorts. I am hesitant to use the word “Familiar”, but the function seems to be the same.

A couple of hours later i returned to my altar to perform the running of the Iron Pentacle. Lighting a coal, breaking off a pea sized chunk of dragons blood resin, and lighting my candles. I then quickly sunk into a meditative state.

I did the three souls alignment and blue fire once again, and started to run the pentacle. Only this time I felt a stronger connection to it. I suddenly started seeing how the points connect. Not just the lines of the pentacle, but the metaphorical/philosophical connections.

I found myself getting stuck on the connection that flows from power to passion because it seems to me they should be reversed. But this is something to meditate more on later.

I continued the full run. My energy pulsating and spiking with every repetition until it was such an overwhelming sensation than I couldn’t stand it anymore and absorbed the pentacle when it reached that height.

I would call this a particularly successful night and in fact am still feeling the pulse of it all thrumming through my body.

End of day 8.


Day 9:

Tonight’s running was uneventful, but not because I found it hard to focus. Tonight it came much easier, nearly effortless. Which i believe is part of the reason for doing it for 30 days. Not just to test ones resolve but to fully ingrain the practice into the magician. It was easy but satisfying to know that I am begining to make it a solid routine.

End of day 9.

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Dude, this work you have done is very impressive. I find this so interesting partly because I know nothing of what you are doing and because you seem to be having such success. Your visualizations are becoming more vivid and everything. As well as you becoming more proficient in general.

That is so cool that you brought Apep with you. She looks right at home and comfy there. From what you wrote she seems to understand what is going on and she’s into it. Very lovely altar you have.

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That’s why I gave a brief blurb on it in the first post. I figured that most people who read this would have no idea what it is lol. Here’s an article on it written by the same guy whose books I am using.

It’s a basic foundational practice of the Feri Tradition. Even though i have been practicing magick for nearly 20 years, I thought it was important to get back to basics since my practice has started to focus on Feri practices in conjunction with LHP Luciferian/Draconian practices.

And thank you, my altar is mostly things I have made myself and flea market items I have repurposed lol.


Thanks for the link. I will check it out!

Yeah that little blurb did not even cover it. Lol. it’s just blows my mind. It is very rare when I come across completly knew concepts that I have never heard about ever before. Every thing you post I have to go look up. Lol.

Yeah I can tell. I am there with you. I came here to soak up knowledge. And to become more adept with Goetic magick so I can use it in conjunction with my Solomonic magick. Plus learning more about the LHP in general.

I look forward to reading more of your entries.

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Day 10:

Today’s running went as smoothly as the last. Today I made more of an effort to really focus on each individual point and how I relate to them as the energy moved from point to point. In doing so I felt a deeper connection to the Iron Pentacle and felt tonight’s running was a little more nourishing to the soul in all it’s forms.

I want to try the more advanced version soon after the flying ointment I ordered comes in.

End of day 10

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Day 11:

Honestly i nearly forgot today. I’m rather worn down and sore tonight and had some other things going on as well. Thankfully my wife reminded me just as I was about to settle in for the night.

Given my physical state and exhaustion it wasn’t the best version I could do, but I completed it, and still got that now familiar thrumming of energy through my body as I absorb the pentacle.

Hopefully i will be able to devote more time and energy to tomorrows running.

End of day 11.


Day 12:

Today’s running was simplistic but good. I had a hell of a day so my energy was a little lackluster. But now after running the pentacle I am feeling a little better. More calm and peaceful. The visuals were by the book this time, but the sense of peace that I get from performing the Iron Pentacle now is so comforting and empowering at the same time.

End of day 12.

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Day 13:

Today I decided to use an Amanita Muscaria flying ointment to aid in my running. It is certainly much stronger than that diluted tincture I was using.

Once the ointment had taken effect I began the running. Started the usual way. Aligning the three souls, Fetch, Talker, and Godsoul.

Fetch appeared as the usual wolvish hellhound being that I have been aquaintinted with for so many years.

Talker was simply myself.

My godself…made an interesting appearence. In a very Romantic Art fashion, with a Luciferian twist, this came in my vision as a shining armored Angel with feathered yet Draconian wings, along with scaled and clawed feet and arms.

The Iron Pentacle itself was also a very sensual experience. Feeling each point resonate inside me like a tuning fork being struck as I moved the energy from point to point, feeling the meaning of each in an abstract form.

It’s hard to put to words how I feel after tonight’s running. But I am certainly better for it.

End Day 13.


Day 14:

Long long day… fell asleep while meditating. And apparently kept on with the meditation in my brief sleep. I didn’t run the pentacle exactly, but I experienced it, felt it, saw it. My consciousness completely awash in Blue Fire. I am awake. Physically and briefly metaphorically. I feel interesting, like Gnosis took place. I can’t explain any further with words without tarnishing the beautiful abstractions.

End day 14


Day 15:

Half way through the Iron Pentacle 30 Day mark, and tonight’s was pretty typical. Nothing profound to report back on but the usual lovely experience of it. But today was pretty heavy magically for reasons I don’t want to get into here, so I was already a little charged up lol.

End of day 15


Awesome journal man. I will have to look into the exercise myself, as you peaked my interest. Quick question: How is that ointment you mentioned on day 13?


Thank you! And the ointment is amazing. To put plainly, it doesn’t exactly get me high, but it absolutely creates an altered state. It’s changes my perception just enough to really be able to sink into meditation and magick very quickly once it’s set in.

I’m going to be picking up more soon just to store away so I don’t run out. I wouldn’t use it every day for this, but it’s definitely going to be a permanent tool in my magick tool box.