30 day Evocation challenge with Satan

Hello everyone, I’ve never done an evocation and I proposed the idea to Satan to make a 30 day evocation challenge with him, in order to increase my abilities to sense and hear spirits and my experiences. He found the idea pretty good. Don’t hesitate if you got any tips or advices tho

I will post everyday on this topic how the evocation went. I hope you’ll enjoy it

Day 1 : I started by making the banishing rite of the Dark Lords. Then I opened the gate through Hell by saying “Zazas zazas nasatanada zazas”. I then proceed to gaze at the Sigil which flashed almost instantly and I recited Satan’s enn. The smoke of the incense looked like the body of a big “snake” (?) I guess. Then I asked him to manifest in a physical form and to talk to me in a voice I can understand.
The smoke of the incense suddenly stopped. No more smoke but it was still burning. I understood He was there but I couldn’t see him nor hear him. I confirmed with my pendulum that He was there. The pendulum was very very reactive tho.

He warned me before I started this challenge that I won’t be able to see him at first, but with practice I will succeed.


what sigil did you use?

how did you comunicate with him?


I used this sigil, and at first (before this evocation) I used the Dukante sigil

I communicated with him with my pendulum and when I asked some question out loud I got answers in my mind.
Before I started to do this evocation, i communicated with him with invocation (I was in Daemonolatry), pendulum, Dreams and Astral Travel.


Thanks for the reply. I never saw this sigil beafore. looks interesting!
I never do astral travel before. I only comunicated with King Paimon. Btw from where you find this sigil?

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:
I don’t master astral travel, I did it mostly without wanted it lol.
I got this sigil from this forum, and another screenshot from this forum, idk which topic tho, shows it comes from a book about Qliphoth. I asked him which sigil he prefers me to use between this one and the Dukante one, and He said this one

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wow thanks. so I will use this one too

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The smaller one without circle is the dukante’s sigil, right?

cuz it doesnt look like what i find when trying to search it in google

No it’s a key apparently but idk what’s the use. I use only the circled one and it works well ^^


Oh thanks

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@anon55584740 When you posted that other thread about Satan I meant to ask by any chance are you possibly going to work with his different aspects like Yam Nahar, and Leviathan?

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I don’t think Leviathan is an aspect of Satan. The first demon I invoked was Leviathan and I clearly didn’t sense the same thing that with Satan.
I don’t know Yam Nahar, but to answer your question I don’t think I will work with another aspect of Him.


Day 2 : The evocation went well, I opened the gate of Hell and called Satan. I couldn’t see him or hear him yet, but I could feel He was there. We discussed a little bit through my pendulum.

Hi ! Maybe it is a stupid question , but how do you know it was him through the pendulum ?

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Hi. I made a banishing ritual before calling him, and I felt the same thing as everytime I called him ^^

Oke thanks

Satan has been calling me to work with him lately. Thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: He’s great to work with !

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Day 3 : This time I followed this process :

It worked better. I saw a shadow forming in front of me. It didn’t last long, but hey I saw something ! I couldn’t hear him tho.

Thank you @Lady_Eva for your method.