3 readings (CLOSED)

I guess I’m back to doing readings, cus you guys are feeding my addiction lol. I guess I just really like helping you guys out.


Something is blocking my financial success. Can you tell me what it is and how to destroy it?

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M in … I have another question . What kinda reading r u doing ?

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Im in! But are you doing also for relationships?

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Can you a reading about my path and connection with Satan?

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Shit, i’m too slow :joy:

I’ll take the first 4 but no more

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Ok so it looks like you need to wait for the right moment to take advantage of the situation. The 6of clubs tells me that you will get some sort of message and the queen of clubs tells me that you need to work on your intuition a bit more to make the right decision. By the ace of clubs and the two of diamonds I can tell you that an opportunity is coming and will provide the financial success you need.

Oddly on how to destroy the blockage I got 3 4s in a row. This makes me think of mind body and spirit. The 3 bases of the triangle. I don’t know much about this so you will have to do some research.

Hopefully this helps

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Ok so Satan showed himself in the reading. I can tell by the king of spades, meaning the adversary. Basically your work looks like it has really only started…

You need to work on being more receptive twords his messages he sends you. It looks like the reading is showing you as the queen of spades. Which she is known for lies, lack of intuition, and bad mother or female figure.

Idk what you and Satan have going on, but to me all he’s saying is there is more work to do lol.


I guess I can do a love reading but you know how I feel about them

I’m doing all but calling on a sprit for a reading

Haha yee I know! But lets give a try on this, just to see. Im gonna pm you the names :slightly_smiling_face::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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That is interesting with the 3 4s. Excited about the opportunity though. I’ll keep meditating on this. I greatly appreciate your time and energy.

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Anything towards me would be great … what happend what’s happening and what’s to come . In all areas … :slightly_smiling_face:

Or how ever u want it … thanks

So it loons like your not improving because something in your life isn’t changing. You Ned to find a new line or work that will further fulfill you and give more experience withing your work.

Look for the opportunity and take it.

Is that for me . ?

Well yeah

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Thanks . I am already invested in my work . Can’t leave it …may be just have to find out new ways to do it

Ik. I was supposed to do a spell today but I will do it tomorrow due to a few issues.

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