3 nights of hell spell

How you feel about this spell , I want to do this to my husband because he said he will kill me if he can’t have me … do you think this spell really works


Done it, it does work for me.

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Can you please explain what that is?


I’d give him a lot more than just 3 days ! That behaviour just simply doesn’t cut it. Be strong, and don’t accept that shit ! He is not the only one that can kill. With a threat like that…I’d be without mercy ! Good luck, stay strong !


brb casting this spell on myself

Your like the second person who wants this spell cast on them…Why do you want that? Lol

five nights at freddy’s but real life

just kidding don’t cast the spell on me i’ve got enough shit going on

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:roll_eyes: My kids won’t shut up about FNAF

@Dark_Angel, I suggest something more than a 3 day spell, remove him from your life all together otherwise he’ll just keep coming back.

Cut and clear, or something similar.

Send him a new love interest to become obsessed with

Get him a job in a different state, or send him away all together.


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i honestly hate it; it’s an aspct of my dumb humor that finds its way onto balg, through the help of some friends.

anyways, i would just cast a deep, horrible fear of all things upon him.


Has anyone here done the “Lucifers touch” spell ?

This spell was my first spell I did, but it didnt succeed.

i’ve never done that spell, but i do work with a lot of demons (including Lucifer) so i often don’t really have to do very powerful spells or something.

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