3 free card reading (Closed)

Feel up to a few card readings today.no questions about love.


What should I know now? Thanks.

What should I know about my progress in magick?

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How can I let go of my fears?

Can I grab one for my year ahead please. Thanks

About my future

about my ongoing layer spell

Will I be able to reach my goal for next year? Thank you!:blush:

Yes please.Will the adult dating chat I want to start in Greece, bring me income?

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@Jonny_somthing i would live a reading.
what are my next steps in life tgats headed my way?

Will you do me the honour of a 3 card reading please? X

If possible, I would like to know something about my progress in magick

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Cards tell me that you should keep your loved ones close. you should pay more attention to your darker self don’t run from it it’s trying to tell you something about the situation you face now lasty hard work and determination are need.

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If you feel drawn to me, what do I need to be made aware of? Thank you for your time.

See lot of change from within and in your environment but you should expect your world to come falling from under you as you keep working with magick lasty practice self control and discipline try not to overindulge in things and pace yourself. One thing I did see a image of a tree surrounded by vegetation with the tree had a face on it eyes closed but smiling the world was over a white background every else black and gray.

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The cards tell me might be best to change perspective of your fear understanding the reasoning behind them might help you overcome them or become a reminder of why you fight. Lasty be careful fo the monsters you create from your mind there only as powerful as you allow them to be.

Thats all the reading I’m doing. If you want to trade readings that cool

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Would you like me to close this thread for you? Or just change the title to include “closed”?

Just changing the title is fine. thank you

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