2nd chance, maybe? Interacting with Gusion

About 10 years ago as a teen I had a profound fascination with the Goetia spirits/demons, and for no particular reason I decided to interact with Gusion. At the time I was new to magick but was always able to see a vibrant neon purple aura around me (it has since turned blue) that also permeates to surrounding objects. That, mixed with seeing a blue orb from time to time has always been the pinnacle of my abilities. I tried to summon Gusion several times using his sigil with no success.

However, one night (10 years ago) when I was laying in bed I felt myself falling through the floor in an out of body experience that seemed just as real as the physical world. I ended up on orange sand next to a dying tree with an encompassing fog that blocked visibility past a few feet. In front of me stood a tall man, wearing all black (perhaps a robe of sorts, though I always thought it seemed more like a karate uniform) who stated, “I am Gusion” with a smirking expression. Instantly, in a completely involuntary and impulsive action I shouted, “no!” and black wings dragged me back to my body. It was then that I experienced the first and only sleep paralysis of my life, which was terrifying to say the least. I could see my room but couldn’t move my body. I struggled, trying to move for several seconds before finally being able to get up.

Over time, I lost interest in such things and even (for a while) convinced myself it wasn’t real. For one reason or another I’ve been researching these topics again and happen by this forum after researching Paimon (of course after watching Hereditary).

I’ve never had another out of body experience, nor had another experience where a spirit talked to me directly. I’ll see a blue orb every so often that appears when I read or hear something important, but that’s it.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to reproduce the out of body experience I had a decade ago. If anyone has advice or similar experience I’d really love to hear about it!

Thanks, and I apologize if this post is too long!


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When you were pulled down to the sand and they said that they were Gusion do you remember how they said it? Would you be able to sound it out phonetically?

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