18 days of Ahriman

Very nice, thanks a lot!!! :sunny:

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I would definitely recommend Gates Of Dozak, Drauga-Ahrimanian Yatuk Dinoh and Black Magic of Ahriman


Lady_Eva, i suppose that you didn’t use Triangle of Ahrimanian Evocation, human bone powder, serpent sacrifice… I’m interested in your opinion is this really necessary?

It’s important to note I did this working in February 2014, around 3 years before BMoA was published, so the system was not in place at that time.

I would imagine that to do the work and enter the current described in BMoA, yes, I have particularly noted @KurtisJoseph’s words and that he did not take the sacrifice lightly: Serpent - #6 by KurtisJoseph.

Gates Of Dozak does not contain any need for the same things, but it is a very different system, and my method had the foundation of, at that time, over 20 years of spirit contact, evocation and soul travel, and also came through one of E.A.'s videos (Evocation of Azi Dahaka) so the entire foundation was different. I remained in that current for far less time as it was finally a gateway to another piece of work I did.

So these are 3 different approaches and mixing and matching is probably not wise given that this is a very powerful, life-altering current.

You would need to really ask Kurtis about his system, I am not going to venture into guesswork, he’s an awesome dude and does often pop onto the forum and reply. :+1:



Thank you for the clear answer


I am wondering about the same. These are ingredients that are hard to find.
I wouldn’t try to find human bone powder. And there is no way I would sacrifice a living snake :woman_shrugging:
I would just substitute them with other ingredients.

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As I described my work predated publication of the BMoA book which called for those things, and it wasn’t a similar system either, nor seeking the exact same things.

I gather LuciferianApotheca sells legal human bone powder, but it’s not a thing I would use, knowing what I do now about the implications of sacrificing one’s own species, or parts thereof, even symbolically, and I’ve never been a fan of animal sacrifice (though I eat meat, so opinions would vary on whether that’s as bad/worse).

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I had no idea about your work. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: I am apologising.
I could have access to human bones and legally too but I d rather not involve that person in magic. It wouldn’t be appreciated by that soul …
What did you substitute it with? And is there any link that I could search and read your work on that?
I have the book BMoA and I just read it atm. I haven’t made up my mind if I am going to proceed doing it.
I have felt Ahrimans energy 3 or 4 times by now kinda trying to communicate with me. I can’t take the decision due to some fears… of creating enemies with spirits as the book says in the beginning stages.
All I know is that I need a change in my life because currently things don’t work the way it is.
I am working through Asenath Mason book on Qlipothic magic and I have seen doors opening for me and astral senses becoming stronger but I have no idea how to join the temple of the ascending flame. I went to the webpage and I can’t find how to make communication.

I did my own working with Ahriman described in this thread about three years BEFORE the book with Kurtis’ own specific method came out, see the above - I wrote this in 2014.

My work was completely separate, Kurtis found and used his own method and published it 3 years afterwards, so neither are linked. :smiley:

So I didn’t need it, or need to substitute anything for it. My work was my own original stuff, and not derived from a book at all.

Yes, all of this thread from the first post is my log of that working. :+1:

There’s more here:

This is also conceptually linked:

I don’t know anything about that, sorry, but try sending her a PM through her account here and include your e-mail in the message?

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Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it and sorry about my stupidity not scrolling up. I had a brain fog for some reason :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: apologies.
I will have a look in all you have written about this magic.
I have one question only… if I do this magic will the angels that I have worked with undo their work for me? And will the angels refuse to work with me in the future?
This is the only thing that stops me from starting today with the rituals.

It varies, so the best thing is to ask them, using divination or directly. :+1:

If you read my work that I’ve linked, you’ll see my model of reality, and that both forces are essential, I work with both types of forces but not necessarily at the exact same time, and sometimes working deeply with one force means it’s difficult or even dangerous to work with the “opposite” at the same time, especially to begin with.


Asking them will be hard. I am not qt that stage of divination. I can only do some tarot love reading and that is about it… my clairaudience, clairvoyance etc are still beginner stages.
I had worked with Damon Brands book on Enochian angels for success but I didn’t complete it.
I guess I will just have to follow my instict and if I die I died🤷‍♀️
I cannot stay stagnant anymore.

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You could draw out a sigil of the Archangel Raphael and ask him to show you, with clockwise for “safe” and anything else for “No.”

Always be creative! :smiley:

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Ok. I will do that. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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those feeling on your shoulder was like kondaliny uprising? zohak story as he was a king in antient persia shows him a monster that was feeding his snakes 2 young man brains everyday… i feel like it is methaphore and not actually what happend. ask him if you can please

I just got done using powdered fish cartilage in place of human bone powder.

For a sacrifice, I used a Hawaiian centipede that would’ve died from pest control spray when it entered the house.


Can I PM you?

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Of course. I’m heading out the door, so it’ll take a while to respond.


Would be awesome if Balg would publish some of the most interesting workings of the forum and especially @Lady_Eva

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