16 Job/Money/Misc. Spells

Thank you, this is amazing!

I will try the Job spell with the green candle cause I already asked Papa Legba to help me a bit with it.

kind regards!

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Your Welcome Allegrata…I notice many like to use envolking and involking of a god or spirit or demon to help them, I have never done this in 20 years of magic practice. I always relied on emotion to make it work, also taking the time to cast the same spell 3 to 5 times in a row. So I know its gonna manifest.

Bonus Spell
Remove a Money Hex


A Willow tree near running or clear water

Paper money of any amount if the hex is minor, use a smaller bill. If it’s major, use a larger bill. It’s up to you.

At midnight, when the moon is completely dark, go to the willow and lean against the trunk, saying:

Lady of the darkening moon
Hear my spell
Hear my rune
Unchain my wealth
Unhex me soon!

Close your eyes and breathe deeply, see the bad energy being absorbed by the willow, feel the green energy enter you. When you feel cleansed, roll up the bill and tie it up with a thin hanging branch of the tree. Say:

Bane be gone
So mote it be
Io Evoee

Leave and never return to that tree again. Things will begin to improve, and by full moon you should be better!

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For those who, can’t seem to make any Money Spell work this one always works… and will build your magic mind up, to make other spells work. It may be childish spell, but being a miserable teen, young adult, or adult, just ruins our happiness and fun sometimes just going back to being a kid again is what you need to refresh all this. To make things happen.

Money Rock
Start this spell during the waxing moon.

A green candle
Green paint
A rock that is nearly square in shape.

1. Charge the green candle with money-attracting energy. See yourself already enjoying the money that you need.

2. When you are ready, light the candle.

3. In the glow of the candle flame, paint money symbols on the rock… ($ £ ¥ € or any other symbol that makes you think of money.)

4. As you do this, concentrate on how this rock will bring needed money into your life.

5. After 7 minutes snuff out the candle.

6. Everyday, light the candle for 7 minutes until money appears.


Thanks a lot Blond for your contributions… I keep coming across so many of your threads and it’s amazing to see so many simple yet meaningful spells. Will be trying a few of them and will get back to with the updates.

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Your welcome, all money spells I post are casted by me at some point, and have worked, other spells misc. ones are ones that have worked for people in my coven but not casted by me

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Hello Blond! You wrote that you need to use green paint and an almost square stone. Tell me what can be used instead of paint and what kind of stone should be? Thank you in advance for your reply.

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Hello Blonde! You wrote that you need to use green paint and an almost square stone. Tell me, can I use green nail polish or some other instead of paint? Does the stone itself have to be solid or can you cut a piece of the required shape from a large stone? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Needs to be as square as you can find it, dont have to be perfect, I used 3 sided almost square, if you can only find a 2 sided almost square use what you can, and green nail polish is for painting something right, so yes its fine to use for this.

Tell me, does the stone itself have to be big?


Can I cut a small pebble of the desired shape from a large stone?

natural is the best, but if cutting is all you got to work with then yes by all means use that. its just substituting which I do all the time if i dont have it. some spells it doesnt work with doing that, even though many claim it will but from experience no not all the time, but for this one, its not a complex spell so it would work.

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The fact is that I have several large stones and they are all irregular in shape, and it is very difficult to find the right one according to the description. That’s why I decided to ask you about this. Tell me if everything works out for me, then for the next spell I need to use a new stone?

try some from this I love the milk one the most it works to attract money well.

tell me if I draw a dollar sign on a stone, then exactly the dollars will appear?

The money will never appear in front of you, while doing the spell, it will appear, though, I have turned around and found money. Walked outside found money, people come and gave me money. Won money ect. and sometimes a vision of the money will appear in front of you while doing the spell, keep that vision in mind its a place were the money is.

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Will it be foreign currency or my national?

and dont be desperate for money, cause then it only appears, when most needed usually a week or days before needed, and that could way down the road weeks months sometimes years, being innocent like a child wanting something badly like have to have it desperate, but wanting it with happiness behind the eyes is how it works to come fast. Innocents is the best way. <<< if you get what I mean