144,44,4 numbers

Hello, so for the past couple of weeks I’ve been seeing the numbers 144 an insane amount of times, more than any number before. When I check the time it’s always on the 44th minute of the hour for almost every hour. I’ve googled it but those explanations don’t really resonate with me. Just wondering if anyone else is seeing these numbers and what you think these numbers mean. Thanks guys

Try using it’s angel number meaning, and see if that resonates for you

There will be various versions online, like this one:

I think, what you find on the path as you research it is more important than the word-for-word definition. This is a good time to practice paying attention to signs and what your intuition tells you about them.

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you need to work on your nadis…

you have 144444 nadis (small energycenters) on your body, connect your astral body to your physical being, so you become godsoul…

this couldnt be any more clear message from higher conciousness…

god loves you

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