100% guaranteed love spell casters?

Hey! So I humored myself yesterday with a psychic whom seem to know her stuff on a live in TikTok. She was offering love spells that she guaranteed to work within 7 days despite being blocked, from another country, etc. She even did the spells on the live for multiple people as proof with people attesting to it working with real, normal accounts. The spell apparently consisted of other things like money, self clarity, intimacy, etc. I’m not doubting it because I see some personal changes already but, in you guys who do work for others, is there a high guarantee for spells? She did say she would do a reading after 7 days and issue a refund. Thank you guys!
Of course I paid for it if that isn’t obvious!

In my experience it’s a vast subject to consider,first love spell.binding spell come to me,call me unblock me,and beg me , all can work whit 3 days to 6 months, it depends if she was mad,sad unhappy,etc, I’m not doub her,but factor’s can help a lot.and spirts too.and offerings.


In a word, no. It’s not that simple. Especially for love magick on exes and unattracted targets which has a higher failure rate than not. It’s not so easy overriding peoples free will, they tend to fight you for it.
But general “attract someone like X who is into me” spells usually have a pretty high rate because it’s aligned with everyone’s will and doesn’t try to disrupt any energy flows.

I notice a slightly higher rate of success in doing work for others for some things, and less for others, but it depends most on the energies involved, which are unique for every working. :thinking:

There’s a lot more factors in here to consider than merely the method and the doing it for another.

You also want to look at things like:

  1. Is there even a path to the goal
  2. How many other people are involved and what is their impact positive or negative or neutral?
  3. Does the target have resistance as protections, guardian entities, or doubt
  4. Is the experience to be changed required by their higher self ?
  5. If an entity is called does it have permission from the target?
    etc tc.

It’s usually a good idea to do a divination on the outcome before starting a working, based on how difficult you think it will be. That divination will show you if the target has protections, if they would put up a battle of wills, or any other factors you are not aware of that affect the specific situation.

On the other hand most people don’t do this, they just try it and then wonder what happened afterwards, but only if it doesn’t work.
But if you’re paying for something and asking someone to put effort in that they may end up losing, I would hope they do this before they agree to take the job. I probably would.

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