10 of Swords Health Reading

Hi there,

I just did a Health Reading out of the book magickal healing by Josephine McCarthy & i have the 10 of Swords on the place of my sleeping Health.

I was wondering if someone could tell me What the 10 of swords could mean on the space of the sleeping Health?

I sleep super long btw. I sleep 12 hours Every night.

Seeing as the figure is lying facedown, you could say he looks like he’s sleeping.

I would take this to mean your sleep is very bad at least.

I feel like there’s something about “pinning down”.

Do you have a lot of stress and worries?

Are you having some depression in your life?

12 hours is a lot. Is there a health issue making you sleep this long, such as hypothyroidism, or just vey bad quality sleep so you need longer to get enough?

Yes i do, i have a lot of anxiety & fear of death in my sleep.

Hi, Yes the last one & anxiety and fear of death in generaal. But lately fear of dead during my sleep