10 Free Oracle Card Readings - Now Closed

I do have a tendency to overthink things which causes me to fight myself a lot as well as others I’m trying to change that moving forward. Thank for the reading it is invaluable many blessings.



Card 1 is Furfur and he represents Evaluation. His element is Water, and in the past position, this card tells me that certain trying circumstances arose but unexpected help provided council.

Card 2 is Vepar, and he represents Illusion. His element is Earth, and in the present position, he is warning that you may be operating under a romantic illusion about what this binding will accomplish for you. Caution and honesty are advised.

Card 3 is Botis, and he represents Justice. His element is Earth, and, in the future position, he tells me that short term pain will lead to lasting and just settlement.

Altogether, this spread tells me that your binding will be successful, if you approach it honestly and not egotistically. However, there will be short term pain and upheaval before it is completed, but it will lead to a lasting relationship.


What does my future in relation to love hold…ie my main question = will I get back with my ex post 1yr breakup? Thanks!!!

This deck is really crazy. Im gonna have to keep a watch on this thread

Not too sure if I’m within the 10, but if I am, _What does my future hold with my PhD this year.
Many thanks @DarkestKnight


I hope I’m not too late…

What does my future hold with my finances and is there any possibility of a love life?

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I would love a reading if still available. I would like to know what should I work/ focus on right now? Thank you in advance!

Hey darkest message me. Wanna talk to you about something reading related

What should i focus on to manifest continued accent?


Card 1 is Haagenti, and he represents Renewal. His Element is Earth.

He tells me that previously you sought healing and spiritual transformation and this directly ties into the prsent.

Card 2 is Gamigan, and he represents Confusion. His element is Water.

He tells me that the circumstances of the past, the transformation you have initiated, is what is causing the confusion regarding priorities.

Card 3, the future, is Andromalius, and he represents Deception. His element is Water.

Here, he is warning you about theives. This doesn’t just mean people who steal, but also activities that steal your time.

Taken altogether, the cards are telling me that you already know what you should prioritize, but you are letting non essential activities, like porn or socia media or cruising the interwebs, to get in the way of the transformation you have started. You need to choose your focus, otherwise you will have your time stolen away and your transformation stalled.


Well damn…that was spot on. Thank you very much


You’re welcome. I’m glad it was helpful. :slight_smile:

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If you still offering readings would you please PM me, as I don’t know how to PM you lol

Id like a reading too if the offer is still available. Would like some insight on my love life. Thanks in advance.

I’m new to this so I basically just want to know if I’m doing it right. Am I actually making contact with the sigils I’m using? If so, what am I doing that’s slowing results?

I’m probably way too late to join in on the party but it’d feel good if I got around to mine getting read.

DK, when will I stop taking the easy way out in life constantly and gain momentum and consistency? I’m wasted potential because I fall off the face of the earth too often.



Card 1 is Vapula and he represents Command. His element is Water

Here, in the past position, it is telling me that you sought to learn from the more learned, the masters.

Card 2 is Ronove, and he represents Exhaustion. His element is Fire and his planet is Mars.

Here, in the Present position, he tells me that you are frustrated, and angry, with the potential to take those emotions out on others.

Card 3 is Cimeries, and he represents Settlement. His element is Earth and his planet is the Moon.

Here, in the Future position, he is telling me that you need a warrior’s mindset. Peace through strength is his motto.

Altogether, the cards are telling me there is nothing blocking you from the spirits but yourself. You need to use your frustration to push through and develop your strength. Be diligent in your practices, and be willing to defend the time you spend in ritual from anything that will try to interfere, whether that is a family member, a lover, or a desire to watch the latest episode of your favourite TV show.


You’re right, I am a little frustrated and angry! I will do my best to be strong and push through this silence. Thanks for taking the time to give the reading! Darkest blessings…

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Please post your question @Ophelia

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I am only accepting questions that are posted in this thread and I am already past my stated number of 10 readings. In fact, I am at double that amount.