10 Free Oracle Card Readings - Now Closed

Hey, All

After some prodding from @Lady_Eva, I have decided to offer some readings to the forum with my Fallen Angel Oracle Cards.

This particular deck features the 72 Spirits of the Goetia, and can give some insight into the energies around a situation or circumstance.

What I will do for you is a basic three card spread, representing the past, present and future, and interpret whatever insight I receive.

Please Be Patient

Once you post a question, I will get to it as soon as I can but it may take a few days.

Thank you, and let the fun begin!


I’ll hop right on?

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My request is what do i need to do to succeed in the physical and spiritual areas of my life? (The two aren’t too separate in my case)


How should I proceed with my spiritual journey to help with my accent


Can i PM to you?


What struggles might I have in my major operation to bind the 72 of the Ars Goetia?


The first card is Leraje, and he represents Moderation.

The element is Fire, and it tells me that in the past, you have held yourself back from pursuing what you want.

The middle card is Gusion, and represents Choice.

You have an important decision ahead of you.

The third and final card is Forneus, representing Honesty.

Together, the cards are telling me that to succeed in your endeavors, you need to be honest with yourself about your goals, be clear about what you want to acheive, and commit all your powers to them.


Can I pm? Thanks

How do I get the Spirits to talk to me or what is preventing them from doing so?

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Yes please!

Mr. batman :slight_smile: <3

How can the voices and crazy make me more money, and how do I get out of this trap i find myself in?


Better yet I know what to ask. What should I prioritize on?

Do I have the right mindset to achieve the current goal I have? What must I do If not?


If yall are lucky enough to recieve a reading be sure to thank the man, you are receiving a premium reading from one of my favorite regulars and all-time heroes. The man is doing this out of the kindness of his heart and soul and we SHOULD NOT take that for granted. If you do not receive a reading look at the others posted in the thread, im sure others asking questions will have similar desires to you. Remember, sharing is caring, and he is giving us free knowledge it is only right to continue the good train (if someone asks you how the reading helped you let them know).


Would love a reading @DarkestKnight if you get a chance :blush:

My question is “What message do I need to receive now?”

Can I have a reading please?


This is a very interesting spread.

Card 1 is Foras, and he represents Celebration. His element is Air.

At first i didn’t undetstand his position in the past but together with the other cards it made sense.

Card 2 is Orias and he represents Inspiration. His element is Water. Orias is also a spirit of divination.

This card is the present and it is telling me that you should listen to your instincts and stop fighting yourself and others.

Card 3 is Vuall, and he represents Harmony. His element is also Water and like Orias, he also is a spirit of divination.

Taken altogether, the cards are telling me that the next phase of your Ascent should be learning divination. It seems you may have a natural aptitude for it, and it will lead you to greater harmony with yourself and the world at large. There are also spirits waiting to teach you.


Did I make it in?

I’ll PM ya @DarkestKnight

Thank you for doing this for the forum :blush:

This is probably the biggest thing that stood out. Because of various legal stuff such as tax returns, insurance that involved my mother, i had to make choices to either help us both or not. (i even just got done with one right when you sent that) regardless i have belial at my back. So.

All in all that was a good read. Thank you.


I’m happy you got something out of it. I appreciate the feedback, thanks. :slight_smile:


The rest made sense as well, as im indecisive at times. Nice work.

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