0010110 Exit the matrix

So guys witches are normally people who love freedom and live up to personal standards as well as true gnostic theistic satanists who are anyways out of the matrix. But for new LHP members what is your experience with the code



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Honestly, I think “Ashtar Command” is a larp. If you’re interested in the ETs pay attention to the likes of Dr Greer that’s evidence based rather than these new age channeled UPG fairy stories.

This has nothing to do with practical magick and ascent. It doesn’t empower anyone, gives you no practical tools, it’s just a cult of personality, another way for humans to get others to give their power away listening to “gurus”.

No more gurus.


That code doesn’t even make sense when translated from binary to English. Also I’m fairly sure that this specific code has been used for a laugh in various pop culture things. Personally I think it’s a meme and nothing will come of it. The first thing I thought of was all those gurus and new age specialists that have attempted to predict the second coming of Jesus, Armageddon or (insert world altering event here that never came to pass)


Do not even get me started on this one. :joy:

Numbers can and do have meaning; however, it is also the intent and the power you put in them.

I think if you’re seeing a series of numbers over and over, then one possible should pay attention.

For example in my life 5 and 7 are playing a huge roll in my life at the moment. They keep popping up in random places.

I’ve had to give these numbers power in order for me to understand what the message from the Universe is.

For example:

This was a screenshot from yesterday.


I must stay conscious
Through the madness and chaos
So I call on my angels
They say

Oh, ye of so little faith
Don’t doubt it, don’t doubt it
Victory is in your veins
You know it, you know it
And you will not negotiate
Just fight it, just fight it
And be transformed

Personally I think the matrix is taboo!

(Then maybe I think we are all governed by something. :thinking:)

When one understands why they are evolving, then they understand they are not a machine to society standards.

However: Freedom is a choice!

And yes, there are scarfices that come from marching into your own drum and when you’re seeking understanding.

Can people predict things, possibly so!

However, they are few and far between.


I did this reading last night as something caught my interest while driving.


Tangent over

As far as:

I have had no experience with it, but it could have relevance is some aspects.

The angels and the demons do not speak as humans speak.

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In decimal it’s the number 22.

By the way, it’s a website. The website is marketing a specific viewpoint, of the “Earth is a prison planet” style.

It advertises a forum and links to youtubes etc… @Rav you might get more joy on this at their forums…
It’s crossing over away from the black magick community and into the new age community. Not so many people do both, as new agers tend to be RHP and distrust us as “evil” while we carry an energy that they’re fluffy larpers that don’t know what they’re doing, which for large parts of it is true on both sides to be fair.

I do both, but not on this particular niche idea, it’s too obscure and I haven’t looked into it yet.

Nothing wrong with it, imo, you could say it’s a specific current. As @jennaelizabeth says putting distinct intention into this and using it basically as a sigil, not a number at all it seems. It isn’t gematria.

It’s like getting a tattoo, or indeed writing a sigil, making a talisman, it means nothing until you enchant it to mean what you want. You either buy into this worldview and make it work for you or you don’t, I don’t think it inherently means anything. Humans are creator beings and can run magick through larps, we’re good like that. I prefer my magick to be less right brained, but that’s me, I’m not the romantic type. :slight_smile:


True. However, you actually use both sides of your brain all the time though. Even the less than creative people are creative.

Math is creative.

Sure, I have a degree in Physics but I’m working through a masters in fine art, I would be the last person to say you can’t be both at the same time, or that it’s not even a bit of a misnomer to call it left vs right.

But you can lean more towards one than the other. The right brained approach is the feminine way, the ,skip the technical logistics way and just intend. You will always have a bit of one in the other, as demonstrated in the tai chi tu, but you can choose to utinise more or less technical approaches.

Drunvalo Melchizedek makes this point rather well when he discusses the differences in the way he and his wife teach meditation and magick. He has a hard time, so he says, understanding how she gets her work to happen, and she can’t explain it that great in language (language is left brained, she says “you just do it”), it just works. Me, I like his style, I have no interest in the feminine way of his wife, I would go to his workshops but not hers, though they both teach the same things, just in very different ways. This is probably also why I prefer qigong to things like Reiki, qigong is very technical.

So, I’m just stating a personal preference. I like MY magick not to be overly left brained or poetic or romantic. I’m an analytical person, it doesn’t vibe with the way I think. Give me qigong, resonance, and sacred geometry any day and I’m all over that.

I find this to be poetry, there’s no technical reason to use “0010110” is there? (maybe there is, it’s not clear) You could have a picture of, idk, an orchid, attribute the same ideas to it and get the same effect. You could tap your skin, and get the same effect: the technical elements exist and have nothing to do with the delivery system. So it matters not which way you choose, it’s all good.

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