0 to a million within 2 years challenge!

Hey everyone

I am doing this journal of my journey from 0 to 1 million dollars within 2 years

I only have few months of experience in magic but i think i can achieve this as the only reason i came into magic was to fuck some people up

And i do it for everything

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and make alot money and i have decent amount of knowledge on this

and i know what i need to do to achieve this goal.

Here is my plan-

I am gonna do more than half of the things myself which are mundane

I know what i am doing and i just need that little push with magic and i can achieve this goal really easily.

What i will do-

I run a web dev agency and it comes out that if i make a sale a day average 1800$ which is pretty low compared to what other agencies charge.

Which comes out to approximately 1.2mil in 2 years

So if i go door to door 50 businesses a day with no websites and close just one with huge backing of persuasive
All kinds of magic u can think of and provide good fucking website at a reasonable price

I will have a million dollars

What i am doing currently-

I am trying to gain customers online but got none yet understandable
Nobody can trust a random person

And i am doing bunch of rituals from aoo and other popular books
Layering things up
And i know whenever it works

It will be fucking huge
I just know it!

I am learning nlp and other persuasive magic and rituals i wanna do everything related to it

I got the other things covered sales pitch etc.

And i know if i get this little push of them trusting me and strong influence

Its a easy sale

I am gonna see for a few weeks to make sales online if it doesn’t work i am gonna pack my bags and gonna do classic door to door with every single ritual to make them buy service.

Wish me luck!

Tell me what u think about my strategy.

Gonna post daily of what i did what i learned


Your plan is great :+1: but keep your eyes and mind open , magick sometimes works in weird ways , you never know which road might lead you to your goal!
I also have the same goal , I’ve done Damon Brand’s “wealth magick” twice and it’s definitely leading me to the right direction!
Best of luck! To both of us, the near future millionaires! :blush::money_mouth_face::money_with_wings:


Moved to Journals, Group Rituals & Free Readings :+1: Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Best of luck man you got my support!


I’m wondering if you experienced the disruptions that reputedly sometimes accompanies this procedure?

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I wanna do wealth magick too but i am not sure if I should do it
As i am already overloading angels of omnipotence
Might as well do everything fuck it

Yes I did but it all ended well .
The first time I lost my job and with no effort got a better one .
Second time I got big unexpected expenses, and had to start an airbnb , it worked surprisingly well and I continued as a side hustle!


Interesting. That’s what puts me off using the book (I have it). Just not sure I need more disruption at this time

I feel people misread what he means by ‘disruption’ and think it means suffering and turmoil. From what I understood, it’s bringing changes to attact wealth into your life. In my case, that was changing my relationship with money.

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