ZoZo Pathworking

Is there anyone here that is currently on a pathworking with ZoZo?

For over one year I’ve been in an extensive pathworking with ZoZo and have pages of gnosis that I would like to compare to others gnosis.

A brief history of how this came to be.
In July of 2017 while in my 2nd floor apartment I felt a presence wrap its arms around me. It felt like a bear hug. I immediately heard “I feel Astaroth in your blood”. The overpowering harming presence changed to a slightly familiar one that I have known for over 17 years which is Astaroth. My living room became extremely cold. My wife confirmed the difference in temperature. Soon I was told “I am ZoZo! Do not fear ZoZo for I am within you. I destroy souls that are not in the bloodline”. Zozo later told me that my neighbors were playing with a Ouija board. That’s how ZoZo discovered me. Three weeks later my downstairs neighbors moved. LOL…

Skip to today. I have learned quite a few amazing things about ZoZo and I’m only at the beginning stages of this pathworking.



Hey @ByronSanto,

Interesting, thank you. I’ve did a lot of research in him and the Ouija.

he came to you, but how should someone call him who is interested? Just evocation and ask him to join your temple?
What can he help with?


Interested to see what ZOZO has to offer. All I’ve heard is destruction. Maybe it is simply misunderstood. Of course, an entity bent on destruction does have its uses.


Very curious to learn more about ZoZo. The only things I’ve heard is that he is very… tricky, or plain friendly depending on the individual


Well In my research it came out that ones go in with fear end with fear. People who respect and don’t fear have no problem.


Keep us updated

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There are connections to Astaroth, Abaddon, Pazuzu and Irritum.

If I have time later I’ll share more.


ZoZo Sigil

This was channeled about 2 months into the patchworking.

The ZoZo ENN channeled only a few months ago
I tried to write as phonetically as I could.

And I’ve discovered that ZoZo loves Dragons Blood Incense.

Hope this helps.


The Pazuzu connection i knew. Good job man and thanks for the info!


Please keep me I informed of any progress.


Zozo keep updating

Color formula for my Dragons Blood Candles.

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I heared that ZoZo is a very vile and dangerous demon so I have been avoiding him.From what I understand spirits of Ouija board can and do create chaos and they aren’t very good for anything else exept for destruction,and I learned this from EA Koetting in Mastering Divination and Clairvoyance video course so I think that this may be a very reliable source

I have never use the Ouija board


Yes,but still ZoZo is a spirit that is mostly on ouija boards and so he probably does have that chaotic energy with him.Do you see that chaos or is he just misunderstood?

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Personally myself and family have not seen it.

Gnosis Directly from my notes July 18, 2018 6:25 AM.
“One must not seek ZoZo especially through a Ouija board. If one does, destruction of ones spirit, mind and body is inevitable.

To receive gnosis of I Am… one must use the sigil, ENN, colored candle and Dragons Blood Incense.”


I did find this interesting

Start at 11:31


Holy shit…his sigil…now we just need his intent…

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I’ll be honest, something seems too simple about that sigil. I’ll admit that I might be wrong, but make sure you double check, and then triple check before you work with that guy. I’ll never tell anybody what they can and cannot do, but this guy seems very much into deception, and manipulation.

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I’ve been working with that sigil for about 10 months now.