Zozo is in my life

Hi, my name is Katana. I have had a connection with zozo sense I was 5 and I don’t know how I’m supposed to go about communicating with him to find out what he wants.

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Welcome. Please tell us about yourself.

Where do you hail from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

This forum really should be for adults only…

Kids, don’t play around with magic, it’s dangerous stuff, even adults can get into serious trouble if they don’t know what they’re doing.

FYI, for those that don’t know Zozo is an internet meme, probably based on Pazuzu, popular with kids who try to conjur him through Oujia boards and other methods.


Don’t dismiss something that you believe is not real. When something is real your belief doesn’t matter, Doesn’t make something not real.
Also how do you know this user is a kid? What proof do you have? An assumption is not proof
Also I used to have spirits in my life around the age of 5. I explained it 1 as good and bad it used to hang out in the closet. There was a good spirit too. I turned out more than fine mentally strong. Don’t try using fear to make someone never know themselves. Makes you sound like a Religious Christian.


Don’t listen to Chrisk he made an assumption about you. And using fear he sounds like a Religious Christian trying to make you never know yourself. I believe anything and everything is possible the only limitation.
Is imagination and will power to believe you can do magick. If your working on something don’t tell people the magick your working on.
There’s so many left hand folks who are just so close minded and those closed minded left hand folks will bring you down. Make you believe you can’t do it or that it’s not possible.
I don’t get it, having a third eye. How can someone be closed minded when they know demons magick etc exist. By the way doing magick keeping it to yourself it’s called individualism it’s something every practitioner needs.
But I would definitely recommend to open your third eye. Do tons of research be prepared know demons dark spirits are helpers. And not all demons are evil. Some are great very helpful. But some are evil. Don’t let the thought of a scary demon messing with you prevent spiritual growth opening your mind. You can be so powerful a powerful dark magian. Believe it have will power don’t let people bring you down consult demons etc. belief is a strong thing in magick also imagination can create your reality.
You’ll be smarter don’t believe yourself to be all powerful your like an ant compared to spirits. Don’t expect third eye to open. Meditate but remember don’t go into magick and opening third eye not being prepared.
It can be a dangerous and scary world with an open mind. It’s through knowledge And realizations where that dangerous and scary world isn’t as dangerous and scary. You can Open your third eye go into magick with no knowledge of what to expect and trust the wrong spirit and get hurt in the process.
Or you can open your third eye open your mind with knowledge fully prepared and know you can banish spirits and know the knowledge to protect yourself and be fine.
Don’t be an idiot gain knowledge learn everything you can and know how to protect yourself.

Also you can talk about what your wanting to do with magick but understand and learn what people believe in and what they don’t because it’s what they don’t believe that will instill doubt in you and ruining something you wanted to do.
Don’t let people bring you down


I understand that not have encountered a demons as powerful as zozo is and can be very nerve wracking. You will probably encounter his presence one day. But I am a 26 yrs old mother of 2 kids not at all a child. But I completely agree with you kids should not play around with these things. It’s extremely dangerous. I have such a strong connection with him every time I astral project he is always waiting for me at my feet.


there’s a movie ’ i am zozo. maybe that’s a good research into who he is. lol i should go watch it. haha i love horror movie . shows. base on description of movie. they using ouiji board to contact the demon zozo. saw the trailer . it’s base on real story. probably make zozo to be dangerous. which is likely partly true. movies tend to stick to stereotypes of entities.

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@DarkestKnight I have been introduced to this page through a mutual friend of our bully666 I know him personally and he was the one to introduce me to this page in search to further my understanding with my experience and to hell me open my third eye

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Okay…but that has nothing whatsoever to do with the questions that I asked of you lol


Sorry, there was a 16-year old on a similar thread and I assumed you were in a similar age bracket. You should be flattered, haha

Nothing against Zozo per se, just noticed a lot of kids online playing around with Oujia boards and invoking him for fun, not a wise thing to do with any spirit, in case you piss them off by being disrespectful.

I’m pretty sure Zozo is just a nickname for Pazuzu btw.