Zohak ( Azi Dahaka ) MUST READ WTF

This is crazy let me explain.

Okay about a few months ago i was working through Kurtis Josephs book titled
" Black Magick Of Ahriman ".

In the tome i evoked Zohak also known as Azi Dahaka, he was the first man to become dark god through the rays of the black sun, now here is where it gets crazy i evoked him and gained some advice for working with Kunda Yoga.

I then forgot about the evocation, then my life went to bits, it came crashing all the way down. My drug addict half sister hated me and i refused to let her near my daughter because of her destructive drug out bursts.

As revenge she made a false allegation that i raped her, she then went to my half brother and told him to say i raped him to, this ended up with me being in a cell for 14 hours.

I had to go on bail and was under investigation, the police stopped me from seeing my daughter, recently the case has closed and the detectives understood the accusations to be ridiculous and false.

So now i’m off bail and i got my daughter and life is now fine. This went on for months and it was painful now tonight while i was drunk i was walking through an alley.

I was drunk repeating Zohak’s name in my head over and over visualizing his sigil, this was just drunken behavior, then bang reinforced winds, thunder lightning and rain started over and over again.

Why is that strange because Zohak is the storm fiend and i re read the BMOA tome here is Zohaks description about his storm aspect it says.

" As the storm fiend he will tear your life as it is now to complete shreds. Stand firm for after the storm clears, he will guide you in the process of building your own divine glory ".

The storm manifested physically in the sky as a sign that the police case and terrible stage in my life was his doing, that explains why after the physical storm i felt at peace.

Zohak ruined my life and because i stood firm and didn’t cower in defeat he rouse a storm in the sky to show me now is the process of rebuilding to a better version of me and of my life.

The storm was powerful, the terrible stage was strengthen but i’m still standing mother fucker and in the name of Zohak and Ahriman i will ascend higher and quicker than before.

Thank you Zohak and Ahriman.


Conner Kendall.


Love this baby, and I love you :black_heart:


Love you too my queen x


That is absolutely crazy. Thank you for sharing. Hail Zohak! Hail Ahriman!


I know brother tell me about it sometimes our life needs to be destroyed to build a better one.


Ok, how many times does one have to go through this ‘dark night of the soul’ , ‘destruction of one’s current life so that it can be rebuild for ascending’ , ‘death for being reborn anew’ shit.

If someone had already faced it, while working with other demons, why the needless painful repetation.


Because you are never done growing and learning. Some lessons are much harder than others and as such become painful. I believe it also depends on you as a person, how stubborn you are, and how strong you are emotionally. Some are perfectly capable of learning through observation and someone else’s experience. Others are hard headed or arrogant and will never learn until they’ve been through it themselves.

Then there is the rare quality of being able to look at yourself and your life from a completely objective standpoint. To see your friends and family, the life you’ve built, and what you cling to for comfort or familiarity. Humans as a rule are not fond of change, even if those changes serve them.


As many times as needed if one is pursuing ascent. In order for something new to be born that which is must first die. An in the case of Bmoa the alchemical goal is to become kunda which is a long process. For sorcererous goals one can explore the methods of causing change as they want. But with both intensity of practice gives intensity of result.

This is assuming it is needless when in reality each experience comes with its own lessons. But this is where having an idea of how deep you really wanna get into the mysteries. :alien:


Yeah, I agree. And obviously that’s the better / smarter way. For some reason working in the lph seems to cause this kind of shit quite often. Don’t know how much it is worth it. And let’s be honest for mediocre mages, as most of us are, lph and rph gives almost same results. ( but with less hassle in rph)


Ok, I don’t know what this end result kunda is suppose to be, but let’s be honest hardly any of us are going to make it into becoming a living god. Though it sounds great. And getting repeated shit like this, being accused of rape by own sister, thus creating almost permanent stain in one’s character. Becoming homeless, losing job amidst financial crisis. And shit like this repeating itself quite often, How fucking much is worth it. If the end result is a million dollar in my account, I would say may be. But how many of us can do that. The goofy drug smuggler in my neighborhood makes millions more than this going to be God with his so called god like powers ( and same with most of my mage friends here). YEAH, HOW MUCH SHIT IS WORTH IT, THAT’S A GOOD QUESTION TO PONDER UPON.


Trust me brother this didn’t put a stain on my life on the contrary, it helped now, the accusers are fucked and are suffering.

I am more happy than ever, my ascent is propelling quicker than anticipated, I have mastered most magickal pursuits I put before me.

I have a perfect daughter, fiancé and a comfy home, soon I will be getting better finances, I go out drinking and partying when ever I’m free with groups of awesome people.

See many would think this situation would bring you down, but it didn’t I stood firm in the storm of Zohak my life shattered but I didn’t because of that he rebuilt my life better than before at a quick speed too.

These tests are worth it, look at it this way, why must we constantly be pushed out of our comfortable environment.

To evolve, to adapt to a new environment, just like species of animals, once they are in the middle of a harsh environment, than the last.

Two things can happen.

  1. They adapt then become more evolved through adaption of the environment.

  2. Or two they die, there by the weak get seperated from the strong.

The road of godhood isn’t a easy one, neither should it be. We crave power and knowledge yet many are afraid of the price that must be paid.

You either go big or go home.

Trust me the dark night of the soul, spirits and forces fucking up your life, it all has a reason and stand firm and don’t cower in defeat and you will reap the rewards.


:point_up: :alien: :ok_hand:

This is accurate. In my own case im moving closer to my goal of being able to start exploring the different types of crafts i want to dive into such as work with metal, glass,wood, resins ect. And then explore how i can apply these to my craft :alien:

Everyone has different goals but the hardships help to adapt one to be able to achieve these. :japanese_ogre: :+1:


This so crazy also fucking awesome experience!!!
I am also planning to buy the book in the next month!


Any idea why this spirit is contacting me? (yes, I have I mind that I have to divinate it but I’m curious about the opinions of others)