Zodiac and love

Ok I found out that zodiac signs play a big role in attraction and love
Am Gemini I found that gemini are attracted to capricorn
Some days ago I found out that my crush she’s been my crush since I was in school is capricorn
I asked her out but she said no( sad lol)
Ok also I found out that her ex is leo
Capricorns are attracted to leo I found that when I searched how to deal with zodiac
So what do you thing about
Do you know any thing I can do to attract her a capricorn girl

A solid business proposal with a PowerPoint presentation will get her panties soaked.




The planets have a role, yes.
But more than the sun (which is what you’re comparing).
She’s a girl – Look at her moon and venus, to know her emotional and love nature. Ascendant too.

Better still, make a synastry chart with yours and hers chart and study how you guys relate.

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Omg Gemini I’m a taurus… goodness caps are earth bound signs however you should get to know and observe things she likes and find a common ground with her things you both have in common

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Ohm I thought gemini’s are more attracted to fire signs or other air signs. Maybe the capricorn you are attracted to has other interesting placements - venus or mars that makes her attractive to you.

When i searched on Google i found
Gemini are attracted to capricorn
Capricorn are attracted to leo
Scorpio are attracted to gemini
Best relationship for a gemini is with leo
But I want the capricorn girl lol :rofl:

Is there a sign attracted to scorpio?
If so, they’re not allowed to complain afterwards.

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Ouf. Most of my former lovers had been scorpios. The current one is a Scorpio, too.

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I’m a scorpio.

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Issam, I’ve been studying astrology for the past 5 years and can tell you sun signs compatibility is pretty much irrelevant. Ideally, calculate her birth chart (with a precise birth time), and then calculate your synastry chart (use Astro-week.com it’s a good site for beginners). Check for sun-moon aspects, moon-Venus for emotional compatibility, Venus -mars, and Pluto aspects for sexual compatibility. Then check if you have any 1st house, 5th house, 7th house or 8th house synastry. If you have some of these on both sides then there is romantic potential.


Virgo with a birth chart right out of hell here.
Don’t tempt me :smiley:

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