Hello there guys, i need to know if you guys use to channel Ziminiar? What is he like? What does He like? Do you have any special incantations? He is very important in ritual magic as because is one of the rulers of North, element Earth:

  • King of the East: Amaymon
  • King of the West: Corson
  • King of the North: Ziminiar
  • King of the South: Gaap

Looking up for a sigil… If anyone has a sigil enn or similar step up to the front please. Google is short on results :thinking:

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I was actually going to ask the same question. It might be new territory as I cannot find much beyond not to conjure him unless under dire circumstances

Well there are lots of universal circles. One should try many and see which works best.

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Worth the try in my eyes

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Used a sigilization method I favor, from a contemporary author of Magick; this seal came out