According to a number of mages, Necronomicon Spirit Ziku IS Hindu Lord Ganesh or Ganesha.

They say they feel the presence of Ganesha when calling on Ziku. Also, Ganesha’s mantra goes: “Om GANapataye Namaha”.

Ziku’s calling name is “GiggimaGANpa”… You’ll notice the “GAN” similarity.

Any here ever worked with Ziku/Ganesh? He’s a Lord of wealth, good fortune & prosperity.

One mage told me Ziku told him he’s often “bothered” by Hindus and would rather be represented by a horse than an elephant.

Ganesh is a path opener in Hinduism, and it’s auspicious to always call on him.


I am always hesitant to equate any two entities. Even if they are a single entity I think the fact that the manifestations are different is relevant and specific to the context.

I may be a single person but I “manifest” myself differently to my coworkers than I do to my girlfriend. If people decided to cross those lines simply because I am the same person they would find me very difficult to work with.

If I was told be the entity, from both sides of the manifestation to equate them, then I think it is a different story