Zepar is the right spirit for you

A few weeks ago I had a thought of having a beautiful girl come into my life at a certain time and place and date. So I called on zepar. This was my first real evocation. And I asked for very specific qualities in her that I find attractive. And the day I asked for her to come nothing happened. But a conversation arose from someone else and she seemed very interested in me and I went home and thought about it and that same week her and I go on a date and things started to spark. Things were going well till she found my magick journals and my ritual tools and saw that I sent a spirit to go make her want me… so that fell apart but the truth behind it is Zepar brought me a beautiful woman and he wants me to put this information out there. Hope this helps if you need to know what I did for the ritual pm me and I’ll be happy to share


Sorry that happens, and I hope you can get her back. But we should learn from every event in our lives, and I do not need to tell you not to keep your books, botebooks magical implements and everything else where a stranger, or a loved one that doesn’t know what you’re into, will find them. If you find that you have definitely lost her, call Zepar again, I am sure he’ll send you another one soon; But you should be careful in future.
When a lady comes next into your life, try and slowly steer the conversations towards magick, and see what her position is on the matter. Wo knows, you just might fall on one to whom your supernatural activities would not matter.

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So she went and read your journal? pretty nasty - not that i wouldn’t do it if i got the chance to read someone’s journal who i wanted to spy, lol!

Haha I know right? damnnnnn

Yeah it sucked she was exactly what I wanted in a girl but I called zepar again and have been helping a few people on here with the ritual and they’ve had really good experiences so it works it’s just a matter of how crazy of the female he brings lol

LOL. This is why I go the route of: (Spirit) find me a woman I will find attractive and that would find me attractive route, instead of forcing someone else. I am not against using magick on a woman you like who might not like you though.

I didn’t know this woman until I met her. And then she was completely everything I asked for I should’ve been more specific on the wording

isn t Zepar appropiate for homosexual love?

He brings love to everyone. But don’t expect a conversation with him. He won’t say anything back like most spirits

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