Zepar: Crimson Knight of the Broken Road (16th Goetic Spirit)

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Zepar: Crimson Knight of the Broken Road – Dark Deliberations

“(16.) Zepar. – The Sixteenth Spirit is Zepar. He is a Great Duke, and appeareth in Red Apparel and Armour, like a Soldier. His office is to cause Women to love Men, and to bring them together in love. He also maketh them barren. He governeth 26 Legions of Inferior Spirits, and his Seal is this, which he obeyeth when he seeth it.”

– The Lesser Key of Solomon

Zepar, an interesting fellow. Zepar appears to me, clothed in red armour, and void of distinguishable gender, but I prefer to refer to him as ‘he’. Zepar is best described as a brilliant tactician, as he’s able to read and manipulate pathways in all of its forms. He can direct you to what it is that you most desire, place obstacles in the path of your enemies, place fortifications around you as you command the winds of the Earth to blow in your favour.

Zepar’s domain on the astral is an old heavily fortified, medieval castle on top of mountain, overseeing ravines, and steep cliffs. The castle is hidden by a large forest, and pathways leading up to the castle that if you were to traverse alone, you’d easily find yourself lost, and possibly suffer a terrible fate.

If you were to walk to the front courtyard of the castle, you would see the terrifying legions of spirits of all varying sizes, waiting at attention for a single wave of Zepar’s gauntlet to do what he commands. Whether it be to invade or protect, it matters not. It is all within Zepar’s power.

Sigil of Zepar, the 16th Spirit of the Ars Goetia, From the Lesser Key of Solomon

What Zepar Holds Influence Over But Not Limited To:

-Love & Relationships, Self-Love, and Self Respect

-Fertility, Pregnancies, Health, Disease, Addictions, Agriculture, Weather, and Shadow Work

-Money (Relationships with Finances), Job Opprtunities, Careers, and Creating another stream of Income

-Protection, Destroying Foundations and Fortifications

-Pathways, Currents, Roads, Connections, and Attachments

-Necromancy, Vampirism, & the Underworld

The Path That Zepar Has Taken Me Down (My thoughts):

This is a spirit that has taken me down a path that I’m still understanding. Zepar brought to the front of my life an awareness of my relationships in all their aspects. Whether it be relationships to friends, family, money, employment, myself, etc., Zepar brought them to the surface.

Zepar made me ponder whether or not, if I should marry at all, or move in with a future significant other. I had really looked insanely at the sobering statistic of modern, western marriage, as well as more conservative views regarding the idea of family and gender roles. He wanted me to look at social relationships in as many views and potential approaches as possible. What works, what doesn’t work, and what can be done about it.

Zepar made look at my long-term financial goals, my current finances more thoroughly, due to poor spending habits as a result of ‘filling the never-ending void’, so to speak. He helped me come to terms with myself that the culture that I live in (Ontario, Canada) has a lot of flaws regarding consumerism and materialism, but more so, compulsive buying.

We, in American and Canadian cultures, so often equate our self-value to that of always being up-to-date with the hottest fashion, the lastest IPhone, having the fastest and biggest car, etc. “I want this,” “I want that,” “this would look really good with my…” The list goes on and on, and that void that we’re trying to fill doesn’t get any smaller. Its never filled. An absolutely hopeless pursuit.

Everything, especially in the more dense populated areas, must be bigger, faster, and better. Its just exhausting. We’re working jobs that a lot of us don’t like doing with longer hours, and are spending more time away from what really matters; Our friends, our family, what makes us happy, and what really brings value into our lives.

Everything is so over commercialized and advertised. Here in Canada and the U.S., we are overrun with advertisements on everything and anything. We can’t even leave our homes without seeing or hearing ads on the radio, on television, our smartphones and computers. We can’t even walk down the street with out ads. We are compelled to spend more and more money when we really don’t need.

Our modern western culture isn’t sustainable at all with how things are. We are talking about even being on a much more smaller scale as well. Oh yeah, we as a species are devouring our Mother Earth as well as all of her resources that should be shared with her other children; The animals of the air, land, and waters of the Earth.

On the microcosmic level, being the individual person, we can’t keep up with ‘Jones’ at all. This idea that we MUST have biggest, flashiest, latest release of that one thing that you really like, regardless of the initial or even, long-term cost of that item(s). IF not, your value as a person is worthless. End of story.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought the latest book from my favorite occult author, and I’ve barely touched it because I haven’t gotten through the several books that I’ve bought before that particular book. I got more and enough occult books to get what I desire most out of life, and at this point, they will last me years to really work through.

The pace of life here is questionable. It is important to have a work-life balance that fits every person’s needs. In the workplace, for many Americans and Canadians, we’re over-worked and overstressed. In Canada, we have a total of 10 paid vacations days (for full-time persons), and in the U.S., its also 10, but in a country like Germany, its as much as 24 days. Unfortunately, the rates of suicide, in both men and women, are higher than ever before, and for the time being, they are rising.

These are just some of things that Zepar had guided me to investigate in terms of my mundane lifestyle. Over the last 4 – 5 months, I’ve made some small and some big changes to my everyday life. I got rid of my smartphone, and downgraded to a flip-phone. I got rid of a bunch of stuff such as old books and video games that ran their course, and do nothing more, but collect dust and take up space. I’ve cut ties with a lot of people. I’ve delete most of my personal social media accounts. I had also recently quitted my job that I don’t like, which in turn, ended up laying off a lot of their employees less than a week later. I’m currently looking for a new job.

My life is indeed slowly starting to improve, and I am indeed a better person because of it.

Many Thanks to Zepar, and I hope that he helps bring value into your life, and renews the value of what you already have as well.

Zephyrus: The Pagan Connection

Zepar in Helenistic paganism is known as Zephyrus, the Graeco-Roman god of the West Wind. This makes a lot of sense because in Greek Mythology, the West Wind brings forth the season of spring. Symbolizing the transition between death and rebirth, or a transition into a time of fertility and rejuvenation. Zephyrus could arguably be considered a herald of when Persephone departs from Hades, and returns to her mother, Demeter.

Zephyrus is one of four lesser gods in Graeco-Roman Mythology that personified the four winds, also known as the four “Anemoi”, or “Wind-Gods”. The Anemoi were personifications that symbolized the transitioning seasons of the earth. Each Anemoi resided in each cardinal point of the Greek pagan world.

To the North resides Boreas, the Graeco-Roman god of the North Winds. Boreas was seen as the “Bringer of Winter”, the transition from Autumn into the cold Winter days of the year. Boreas had a wife named Orithyia, a princess of Athens. Together, Boreas and Orithyia had four children, named Zethes, Calais, Chione and Cleopatra.

To the East, Euros, the Graeco-Roman god of the East Wind, resides in or near the palace of the Sun God, Helios. Euros was seen as the “Bringer of Autumn”, the transition of Summer into Autumn, the season of harvest. The time of the year when Persephone begins her transition from the world of the living down to her husband, Hades and the Underworld.

To the South resides Notos, the Graeco-Roman god of the South Wind. Notos was seen as the “Bringer of Storms”, specifically the stormy weather of the late Summer and Early Autumn. This was an unsettling time for Fishermen.

Zepar’s Trinity Rite of Transmigrational Devouring (Love Edition)

For this ritual, you will need:

-An offering of blood or sexual fluids

-A piece of paper with Zepar’s sigil on it

-A burnt offering bowl

-A lancet or knife for bloodletting

– A red candle

-A green candle

  • A yellow candle

This will be part of a standard configuration for this ritual, but you may configure the ritual how you may desire for what you wish to attract into your life. If it’s a love spell, you could use three red candles. If it’s a protection spell, three yellow candles. For healing and fertility, use three green candles.

Take your selected three candles and place them in a triangle. In the centre will be where the blood offering with the sigil and burnt offering bowl will be placed.

Graeco Deity Preliminary Ritual

This Preliminary Ritual is loosely based on the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, but has been heavily modified to reflect the Graeco-Roman roots of Zepar as instead of charging four pentagrams with the Hebrew names of a Jewish god and evoking the four archangels, we’ll instead be evoking Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Ares, and the Four Anemoi (Wind-Gods).

Once you have all of your implements in the center of your ritual space, stand and face the East Quarter, saying:

“Zeus, King of the Gods, Come.

Zeus, Lord of the Air, Come.

Zeus, Everpresent God, Come.

Zeus, Banisher of Chronos, Come.

Zeus, Most High King, Come.

Zeus, I petition you to stand watchful over the East.

Thank you.”

Walk in a counter-clockwise fashion to face the North Quarter, saying:

“Hades, Lord of the Underworld, Come.

Hades, Lord of Undeath, Come.

Hades, Lord of Hidden Wealth, Come.

Hades, Lord of the Final Rest, Come.

Hades, Lord of the Elysium Fields, Come.

Hades, Jailor of Tartarus, Come.

Hades, I petition you to stand watchful over the North.

Thank you.”

Walk in a counter-clockwise fashion to face the West Quarter, saying:

“Poseidon, Lord of the Life Giving Waters, Come.

Poseidon, Embodiment of Life, Come.

Poseidon, King of the Sea, Come.

Poseidon, Consciousness of Water, Come.

Poseidon, Reaper of Life, Come.

Poseidon, Lord of Marine Life, Come.

Poseidon, I petition you to stand watchful over the West.

Thank you.”

Walk in a counter-clockwise fashion to face the South Quarter, saying:

“Ares, God of War, Come.

Ares, Great Protector, Come.

Ares, Lord of Destruction, Come.

Ares, Lord of Blood lust, Come.

Ares, Lord of Rage, Come.

Ares, Lord of Bloodshed, Come.

Ares, I petition you to stand watchful over the South.

Thank you.”

Stand facing the East with your arms raised, saying:

“Before me, (vibrating) Eurus.

Behind me, (vibrating) Zephyrus,

To my right, (vibrating) Notos,

To my left, Boreas.

I am the Alpha and the Omega.

I awaken the god (or goddess) within.”

Sit facing the triangle in the center of the ritual space, and continue:

Invocation of Zepar

“Lord Zepar,

Lord of the Black Flame, Rise Up!

Lord Zepar, Crimson Knight of the Infernal Empire, Rise Up!

Rise up all around me,

Rise up with all the Dark Blessings and Horrors of Hell that are under your command,

Lord Zepar, You walk the battlefield slaughtering all who stand in your way,

Lord Zepar, I see a spirit that serves you, handing you a globlet filled with the blood of your enemies,

Lord Zepar, I see you reaching for it with your gauntlet,

And you, Lord Zepar take a deep gulp before sharing it with me,

You, Lord Zepar, recognize me as your friend and brother (sister),

I drink of the knowledge that you share,

I freely take your essence into me,

I devour you as you devour me,

I see you as you see me,

I hear you as you hear me,

I speak to you as you speak to me,

I smell you as you smell me,

I taste you as you taste me,

I feel you as you feel me,

I touch you as you touch me,

I become you as you become me,

Lord Zepar,

You devour me as I devour you,

You see me as I see you,

You hear me as I hear you,

You speak to me as I speak to you,

You smell me as I smell you,

You taste me as I taste you,

You touch me as I become you,

You become me as I become you,

Lord Zepar,

By our combined powers, Lets raise all the forces of Hell!

Lord Zepar, you are here now!

Lord Zepar, you are within me and all around me!

Lord Zepar, you are here now!

Lord Zepar, I welcome you as my friend and brother!”

As you continue to the next invocation, visualize that the ritual space is being filled with red energy.

Invocation of the Universal Energies of Love

I call upon the universal energies of love to fill me and this place with your bright red essence.

I call upon the universal energies of love, eros, pragma, philia, ludas, agape, and philautia to fill me and this place.

I call upon you and I welcome you here.

Universal Energies of Love , I taste you as you taste me.

Universal Energies of Love, I see you as you see me.

Universal Energies of Love, I hear you as you hear me.

Universal Energies of Love, I devour you as you devour me.

Universal Energies of Love, I drink you as you drink me.

Universal Energies of Love, I smell you as you smell me.

Universal Energies of Love, I feel you as you feel me.

Universal Energies of Love, I touch you as you touch me.

Universal Energies of Love, I hold you as you hold me.

Universal Energies of Love, I sense you as you sense me.

Universal Energies of Love, I become you as you become me.

Universal Energies of Love, I speak to you as you speak to me.

Universal Energies of Love, Fill me with your essence.

Love, you taste me as I taste me.

Love, you see me as I see you.

Love, you hear me as I hear you.

Love, you devour me as I devour you.

Love, you drink me into yourself as I drink you into myself.

Love, you smell me as I smell you.

Love, you feel me as I feel you.

Love, you touch me as I touch you.

Love, you hold me as I hold you.

Love, you sense me as I sense you.

Love, you become me as I become you.

Love, you speak to me as I speak to you.

Love, fill me up with your essence.

I call upon you to come here and now to fill me and this place with your red energies.

To become me as I become you and to empower this ritual with all spirits subject unto you.

Thank you for coming.”

*I recommend saying affirmations such as “I am worthy of love,” or “I am love,” when invoking this energy. *

Visualize the red energies of love inside of you all around the ritual and channel it into the triangle. Carefully, prick your finger with the sanitized lancet or bloodletting knife and spread it onto the sigil of Zepar. Place the bloodied sigil inside of the triangle of candles onto the burnt offering bowl.

State your intention with this sphere of red energy of love. Whether it be for attracting a specific person, or for an open invitation for a future lover to the universe. Specify which one and push it into the sphere.

Continue visualizing the ball of red love energy hovering in center of the triangle. See in this ball of energy your desired outcome for this love energy. Focus on it condensing and solidifying further.

Once all of the universal love energy has completely left your body, solidified to critical density, and been fully programmed, begin burning the blood covered sigil of Zepar in the offering bowl, under the ball of energy. Take the red energy ball and devour it, taking all of the energy into your body. Imagine how this energy is affecting your body, your thoughts, your emotions, your spiritual bodies, and your aura. Visualize how this energy is shifting and changing you as well as the whole of reality. You taking this energy into yourself also shifts the world around you.

Continue allowing yourself to experience whatever you need to go through with this ritual. If it is a specific person, visualize these astral chains emerging from your astral body and then wrapping around your love interest. If not, and it is an open invitation, simply picture these ripples of energy emanating from your body out to the universe. Meditate on his experience for as long as you need. Once you’re done, say, “So mote it be!”

Thank Zepar for coming, and dismiss him. Continue thanking and dismissing the Four Wind-Gods as well as Ares, Poseidon, Hades, and finally, Zeus. Break the circle by waving your arms to erase any trace of the astral ritual circle. Cast the ashes from the blood offering to the wind, allowing the winds to carry the energy to where it needs to be.

Go about your life and find happiness where you can. Best of luck!


Duly bookmarked. As I read the opening, I was like, “cmon, a martian spirit acting as cupid?”, but when I read on to brilliant strategist, I was like “yes, here we are. So he swoons them over to you and makes you the lustful object in her eyes, one wins, one loses, and shes caught in between. Makes sense.” As I read on, I had more of a realized want to invite Zepar into my life by your invoacation method, as I jive with greco-roman and celtic magic and names of power.


This is some good shit


Love the format of the ritual, the entire framework and subjective synthesis going on. Great work!

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

This is top notch content. Additionally, this post is part of a synchronicity involving the Four Winds. I look forward to your continued posts.


I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you!

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Agreed with this! I might actually try it since it seems intriguing and could be used for some powerful purpose…. But I have to plan it first…….