Zaneth is a spirit who was given to me by Azazel. He claims that he can do anything a human can imagine, but his specialty is ruling and power. He appears as a triangle and is by far the greatest spirit I have ever encountered. His color is yellow and he accepts fire, spicy things, or pretty much anything hot or anything yellow as an offering. He also accepts anything representing power or pride. His direction is east, the direction of the sunrise, and his own rise. Any other direction will work however. His element is fire. Claims he can teach one how to directly affect the physical via magick, but offers all who ask a choice between that or something I cannot reveal. I highly suggest working with this spirit.


If the practitioner is not working with azazel, how can I get any warts or are there chants to summon it?

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if you want to summon it, you don’t need azazel, just use it’s name, nothing else is needed

do you have any experience with it.

Am I just going to repeat it as zaneth?

yes i have summoned it, i have no words to describe it, and for summoning, just tell it to come with the proper tools and whatnot

ok I will work with her for 10 days and in 10 days I will ask her to make me an expert that I can astral travel whenever I want.