Has anyone made a pact and worked with Zadkal? what was your experiences? What did he want as a pact offering and what did he offer?


This message i have ready posted in other topic about Zadkal

Hello, I recently called Zadkal and I am starting to work with him, I asked him to make me the best student of my class, academy, country since I am studying for the profession I want.

Zadkal manifested himself as a pale young man who was in a medieval-style library by candlelight with many books.

He told me he would help me, even at night when I was sleeping to retain more information, that is, he would be my mentor here and “beyond”, and not only that, a synchronicity also occurred to me …

Arrive by Zadkal’s synchronicity to investigate about “Mindfulness” …

So if anyone knows about that, it would be great to share!

Thanks Zadkal!