Zadkal Tah'Ka'Tat Sastan - Goetic Names

Does anyone know other names Zadkal Tah’Ka’Tat & Sastan. Im unable to find info on them such as enns, colour directions etc n pretty keen to pact with them n start evoking them.


Good question.

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I think they’re spirits E.A. discovered, enns are from modern demonolatry afaik and while some demons will give an enn, they were not considered a default thing until quite recently, and probably less so when he channelled the info for the spirits.

Colours & directions are valid BUT can also be linked to the ancient idea there were only 72 demons to correspond with 72 names of “God” and that everything fitted togther neatly with correspondences and astrology, with no duplicates or things missing etc.


As @Lady_Eva said, the entities you mentioned are unique to EA’s grimoires Kingdoms of Flame and the Book of Azazel respectively, and therefore have no enns, which are specific to modern demonolatry. They are not part of the Goetia.

KoF consists of three types of entities, Angels, Demons, and Spirits. Sastan and Zadkal are classified as Spirits (capital S) not as demons so would not have enns in any case. All that is required to call upon them is their sigil, and the square of their Kingdom.

Tah’Ka’Yat (I am assuming this is who you meant, rather than Tah’Ka’Tat as written) is a Demon Lord under Azazel so you could chant the “Alash tad Al’ash tal Ashtu” mantra from the BoA while opening his sigil. The BoA doesn’t give a specific direction from which he materializes, so South is usually a good default for demons.

Nothing else is necessary. You can use any colour of candle, and any type of incense, I have evoked entities from Kingdoms of Flame with two sky blue candles because that’s all I had, and there were no complaints. Black candles are mentioned in the Book of Azazel summoning rite, but it is not a requirement. My advice is don’t overthink things, which is a trap I have fallen into many times. I used to be worried if I didn’t have the right colour of candle or I faced the wrong direction. I have since learned that correspondences can be helpful, but not absolutely necessary.


Thank you so much for your information. It does clear my confusion and help me alot. Im just about to make my first evocation and still writing my pact request and wanted to see what other specifics these spirits offer n require. I will look into the kingdom of flames then prepare for the pact.

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Thankyou so much for the information - It was really useful and helpful :slight_smile:

@DarkestKnight is really the guy with all the knowledge of E.A.'s books, i was just placeholding. :wink:


I have a question about this. Is it possible to call this entity that works for Azazel and call a Demon from the Goetia at the same time? In the same ritual so they can work together for my main purpose? or is it more wisely to ask them separately if they would be comfortable doing that?

In my opinion, it would be easier to call them each separately, but calling them together can also be done. it all depends on your skill, of course. In EA’s book Evoking Eternity, he goes over evoking multiple spirits at the same time, like calling both the Archangel Raphael and the Duke Marbas for healing.

The only thing you need to be wary of is energetic reaction. Some spirits just clash and so should’t be evoked together. A Nether of Azazel and a Goetic spirit should get along fine, but if they work in similar ways, then they might interfere with other, which is something you can find out in the ritual though.